Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You Know How To Make A Grown Man Cry

**I can't give you an update on how I feel since my wisdom tooth removal yesterday for this post because I typed this up on Sunday. I really wanted to make sure this got published on Tuesday**

It was a cold blustery Saturday the 17th of March 2018. While others were celebrating St. Patrick's Day, I was at home sorting cards and nervously thinking about my wisdom tooth removal for Monday. There wasn't much else to do when the temps were below zero with a wind chill factor. Some days recently I feel like I had moved to the Arctic with no spring in site.

I had stuck a few PWE surprises in the mail that morning including one to my father for his birthday and stuck up my flag to the mail box up telling the postal deliverer that something was being mailed for pickup. I usually watch on and off throughout the day to see when the flag goes down to run out to get my mail. But, I wasn't really expecting anything so I didn't bother staring out my window.

Later on in the day, I did look out and notice that the flag was down so I bundled up head to toe so I wouldn't end up looking like Jack Nicholson from The Shining and continued my way out to the mail box. I opened it up to two packages and some junk mail. I usually bust the packages open as soon as I see them, but in those temps, no way. So I carried them inside.

One of the packages I had forgotten was coming from Angus who blogs Dawg Day Cards (I will post your sweet mail day later this week) and another I only recognized from the address but I knew I wasn't expecting anything from him.

What could my buddy Shane from Project Pedro Blog be up to....

I opened up the bubbler and placed inside was a cleverly hidden envelope. In that envelope was something amazing and completely surprising.

I opened up the envelope revealing a birthday card. That alone made me smile knowing my birthday was Monday.

Then opened the card up and saw this. I was blown away.

Then behind that, fell out this......

Some of you may just look at this as a regular card, but if you looked up prices for this card, you would understand the shock on my face. I never thought I would be able to add this card to my set I was chasing. Ne...eee..vverrr.

I was already smiling ear to ear and teared up. Yes, grown men can cry and I for one am not afraid to admit to it. Even if it's over cardboard. I was overwhelmed with both joy and shock that someone would take their time and put something together like this that it formed tears.

Then I saw a list of names that put this together for me.

A big thanks goes out to @SteveWrightOne, @Batcavel, @breakdowncards, @chunk34, @Astrosfan78, @LostCollector, @CardpocalypseNC, @TomSOlson, and Scribbled Ink for your parts in making this amazing tearing up moment happen.  If only you guys could have been a fly on the wall when I opened it up. It was a feeling like no other and I wanna say thanks times infinity to you for your kindness.

I also found out it was @Jake1725 who put this all together for me. A huge thanks goes out to you buddy. You're an amazing friend. Another huge thanks to @ShaneSalmonson for getting me the gift card, the birthday card, for shipping and assisting in pulling off this major surprise. You are also an amazing friend. I am blessed to know both of you.

It simply amazes me the great people we have in this hobby. None of you I have ever met and may never, but you all have shown me kindness like we were all best friends for years. I think the phrase #CardboardFam comes into play here as you guys are all like an extended family. I also hope you all consider me that way as well.

This birthday gift will be one I will never forget and will always treasure. The Roday autograph card will always have a backstory to it and if I can somehow complete the last 6 cards I need in the set (they are reasonable, but not cheap), it will always be the one I keep closest to my heart. You guys may never understand and I will never be able to explain how much this all meant to me. The gift card I plan to use wisely and will post what I get with it.

I will take this happy day momentum with me to the oral surgeons office and I am sure it will help ease some of the pain from the removal and from the bill I will get afterwards.

Thank you all!


  1. So glad you enjoyed that surprise gift!

  2. Glad you liked it! Hope you're feeling better.

  3. Very cool! Belated happy birthday, and heal up quick!

  4. Very cool! It seems like they're have been a lot of instances of such generosity being spread around the blogs and Twitter lately, this is definitely one of the better ones that I've seen. Kudos to all those people who made this happen for you!

    1. Thanks Jon. I have seen it but was shocked to be apart of one!

  5. I love me a feel good story. Although, oral surgery isn't exactly what I would call a happy ending. LOL
    Good luck!

  6. Love reading posts like this. I've said it before... the world could learn something from the generosity witnessed within our hobby. Hope you're recovering quickly.