Saturday, April 21, 2018

Nuttin But The Hits:1997 Donruss Football Hobby Box

The late 90's. Is there truly any better time in the hobby?

The variety, the brands, the innovations, the value.

It's all in there.

For me there is also a bonus, the memories. This was and always will be my best time in the hobby. Nothing will ever change that.

So when I pulled off my last trade with Project Pedro blog I got the opportunity to take a trip back down memory lane with some packs/box breaks from my past. I loved every aspect of our trade, but these breaks were truly what hit me the hardest and what I enjoyed the most. With every pack I busted a smile can be seen for miles across my face and the next chance to open the next pack brought me joy like no other.

There will be multiple breaks coming up on here. So get ready to take a trip back in time!
Today. let's go back to 1997 shall we? That's the year I was currently starting to post about for Origins Of A Cardboard Addict blog. I had thought about busting these boxes over there, but instead I decided to keep them here and maybe this will be the future site of that blog as well and will continue my story of collecting here. 

Donruss is like Score to me, it's a fun low-end rip that I have busted some of every year. There were a ton of packs to rip in this box with 36 and 7 cards per pack. There are 200 cards in the base set which includes rookies that supposedly fall 1:4 packs. Even though it felt like I pulled one per pack.

The base set has a simple design, but being borderless leaves it open to outstanding photography. I picked out a few of my favorite base cards to showcase in this post.

Harrison getting grassy. Drew seems to always be captured on the ground.

Tiki rookie as he is high jumping into my collection and Curtis Martin blowing by a defender.

Anthony Johnson not surrendering to the Eagles tackler.

And Merton Hanks getting down and dirty in another rival battle with the Packers. Those Packers and 49ers games in the 90's were some of the best.

Gus doing what he does best. Yes, that means not playing QB.

Vanover running in the snow.
Now onto what I pulled. Here are a couple of Press Proof silver parallels numbered to 2000.

And a Press Proof Gold parallel numbered to just 500. That sounds like a lot to today's times, but not back, in the 90's.

Rated Rookie insert. Very shiny and numbered to 5,000

Gridiron Kings. I pulled Marcus Allen. The first 500 of the 10,000 are signed but I wasn't that lucky.

Now this is total 90's innovation and extremely cool. Passing grade insert is shaped like a report card
Back of the card and it's numbering to 3000

And you pull out the "report card grade" and it's done by the legendary John Elway. Wow!
I was like a child at Christmas with this pull. I know no many now-a-days would care about a pull like this, but I was all-in.
I was pretty happy with this break and the nostalgia factor was worth it alone. More breaks to come and a giveaway from this one will be held on Twitter.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Guess The Autograph #5

Before I announce the latest Guess The Autograph, let's reveal the last one I posted....

Dion Lewis. How many of you got it right.....

Once A Cub
Grady M
Dion's IP Autos Only

All of you got that one right! If you can guess this weeks, I will put whoever guesses it right in next rounds post.

Now onto the next! Good luck!
Guess the autograph is as easy as it goes. I will throw up an autograph "swatch" and you guys have to simply guess whose autograph it is. There are no prizes involved, it's just for fun to test your autograph knowledge and give you bragging rights.

The autographs will spread across multiple sports and non sports so it should be fun to see the challenge it presents and see how many of you can correctly guess it. If you really want to take it a step further, try guessing the brand of card as well.

I will reveal the "answer card" and the autograph in the next post of this series.

So here is the next autograph to this series,

Can you guess it? Good luck. 

Let me know in comments!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bustin' Another One Down!

@georgenadeau on Twitter hosts awesome daily contests for Cryptozoic. The last few weeks he has been giving away Ghostbuters autograph cards. More importantly, ones I need.

I was fortunate enough to win one of them to cross off my list while not winning the bigger one I needed.

But, any of them I can add is a win. Especially for free.

Arsenio Hall is a comedian who hosted a late night show, The Arsenio Hall Show, from 89-94 and has been in many film and TV appearances over the years. He played the voice of Winston Zeddemore on the Real Ghostbusters cartoon for the first three seasons and this is his signature I now added for my set;

I look at this autograph add as a double win since I grew up in the era where we all knew who Arsenio Hall was. So for me, it's a nostalgic add as well.

This autograph add is my 8th to the Ghostbusters set I have been trying to build well over a year now. Here are the others minus Kurt Fuller whose picture I couldn't locate in my blog archives,
I still have a long ways to go with 11 more to chase and am more than open to accepting my needs in trade form. I am sure I must have something you would be interested in :)

You can find my needs on this link,

Thanks to George and Cryptozoic for the contest and for helping me add another piece to my set.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Not Action Packed

Back in the 90's we were fortunate enough to collect a really unique product called Action Packed. Here are a few examples to refresh your memory,


What made the product unique? Well, it was one that included embossing. What is that? Well, it's when they "raise" certain parts of the card to stand up. Meaning a player, product name, etc you could feel higher than the flat surface. It was another step in innovation and made the card feel, well, action packed.

It was a sad day when the product no longer was continued on later in the 90's and I thought all was lost forever til news had broke to me that Panini had revived the brand name in an insert set for Rookies And Stars football.  I had been begging Tracy Hackler to mention reviving the brand to the team for a few years now and thought my dream finally came true.

The inner-child in me, this one,
Anyone remember these bikes?

Came out to celebrate. Those bumpy cards were back!!!

At least I thought they were.

Just like any product or brand name that has been tried to be revive from the 90's, it all fell flat. Literally this time.

Panini had a great design, even captured Action Packed's good photography but failed to emboss the cards. The whole point of the brand name Action Packed is for it to be action packed. These were not.

Not one....


It was beyond disappointing. But, in someways, I wasn't a bit surprised that another favorite brand from the 90's didn't live up to it's once big podium. 

The only bigger disappointment for me was when Upper Deck revived the Spx designs from the late 90's I so loved but failed to use hologram technology on them. How do you not?!?!!?!


Everything else is there except that. The most important parts of my favorites are missing.

What brands have you been excited about that were brought back only to disappoint you? Or which ones have been brought back to impress you as much as the original? 

Let me know. I know that second question will be really hard to answer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Museum Musings:3D Crystal Pieces

Back in March, I held a contest taking suggestions on what kind of stuff you guys would like to read more about on the blog. Many of the suggestions were toys to non sports to non card items. Well, to please the crowd I will do my best to post those kind of items in this new segment.

Over the years, I have accumulated so much junk. A good portion of it including most of my Starting Lineups and any figures were traded off. I also had a bunch of autographed items I was just looking to downsize with and traded half of those off as well. I still have some to go in that area.

Most of the items I acquired over the years were from purchases in online catalogs, local outlets, department stores, gifts from family, and from a few contests I won. I originally really wanted these items, but as time has gone on and I have gotten older and what feels as my house getting smaller, I decided it was time just to collect cards now. No more adding those markdown McFarlane figures just for the fun of it.

There are some pieces however, I plan on keeping forever. These pieces I will showcase on here.

Today's pieces were a hit about 16 or 17 years ago and still are around to buy today. They are crystal with laser engraving in the middle giving it a 3D appeal. These also came with a stand that lights up under them and gives them a beautiful glow. Sadly I couldn't find the stands they came on right now so I had to post them without. Unlike the thick durable crystal, the stands were made pretty cheaply and I believe one is actually broken.

I ended up buying three of these from a catalog when they came out. My first one is Tony Stewart. I haven't touched much on this here yet, but I was a huge NASCAR nut for a few years in the late 90's early 2000's and Tony Stewart was the man I collected and watched. I will touch more base on my once NASCAR love and more items in a later post.

The coolest one I think out of my three pieces is this baseball one. Just a player swinging at a ball but in hand it is really beautiful when you turn it around especially under the colorful lights.

And my last one was this piece from 9/11 in remembrance.
I currently have these displayed in a glass case on my wall. They don't take up a lot of space and fit nicely in the small case.

How many of you owned any of these or have at least seen them?

(also a shout out to @Jake1725 for helping me create a name for this series)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sets Of My Childood THE SERIES! Part 2:1995 Summit Rookie Summit

Welcome to the new series here on Sport Card Collectors!

I decided not only would I make a want list of each of the sets I am chasing in a tab, but I thought a little breakdown and feature may help get me more set help. I am sure many of the sets I am seeking are nickel and dime type of cards so I am hoping my trader friends can be on the lookout for any I don't have.
Those crazy high flying rookies from 1995. There was just something eye appeasing about these 1995 Summit inserts known as Rookie Summit. The rookies appear to be reaching their Summit on these foil board inserts. Just like in Part 1 with Pro Line, Summit was another product that I loved and was vastly available to me. You will actually see multiple Summit offerings in this series.

There were 18 cards in this set featuring some of the top rookies from 1995 including one Terrell Davis. The cards fell at 1:23 packs so basically one per box. I currently have 5 out of 18. So not even a third of the way there.

My current haves are,
7,8,13,14, and 15

Once again, this is another project I have a long ways to go with.

How many of you remember or collected these?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Player Profile 4: Todd Helton

Player Profile is a series that breaks down players I have pulled from my collection and designated as a player collection. These are mostly stars from the past and present and only include base cards and inserts. Hits and rookie cards are not counted. Some players I pulled because I was a fan of their game, others are obvious because of their play. Some players I actually look for cards of in packs while others get just placed in these boxes. This series will break down how many cards I have of the player, what my Top 5 favorite cards are of the player and why I pulled the player for a player collection.

This series will also cover all four sports I collect. 

Player By The Numbers For Todd Helton: 57 Different Cards.
Playing 17 MLB seasons as number 17 of the Rockies, I feel the same way about Helton as I did about Konerko being a "under the radar" player. Of course in Helton's case, I feel it's more. Mostly because he played for an under the radar team in the Rockies. Not exactly the hobby hot spot.

Despite that, Helton put up some great numbers for the Rockies. He was a five-time All-Star, four-time Silver Slugger, and three-time Gold Glove Award winner plus holds many of the Rockies club records.  In 2000, he was MLB Batting champion, MLB RBI Champ, and won the Hank Aaron award.

Let's take a look at my Top 5 favorite cards of his.

#5. Ultra put out some great photographed cards and this is another with a Helton follow-through

#4 we go from one Fleer product to another. Fleer Tradition put out this nice ground ball chasing Helton.

#3 is from 2004 with Helton circling the bases. Or doing some dance ritual.

#2 Helton in hiding. Gotta appreciate the oddball photos.

#1 Retirement photo. A treasured moment on the field and on this piece of cardboard.
I wonder if Todd will find himself in baseball again as either managing or in the booth. Only time can tell but one can only expect it.

Which Todd Helton card above do you like the most and which card do you own is your favorite of his? Let me know in comments!

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Last year I tweeted out this photo on Twitter of my desk,

Immediately I had a comment of "wow that's such a disaster someone please help this guy sort things out." 

I responded with, "that's not a mess, that's how I sort. It's a bit complex."

I made a promise to that individual that I would do a segment to explain my sorting and here I am.

It really isn't as complex as it looks, at least to me. But, it is a bit in-depth with as much as I collect and as many sports as I collect.

So I thought I would make this series breaking down everything I collect and how I sort it. I hope this will explain the picture I tweeted and maybe give you some ideas for your own collection on how to sort.

Today I am showing off how I sort football cards which is one of my more complicated and in-depth sortings.
When I take a stack of football cards, I split them into many sections. This is something I have done every since I have been in the hobby. 24+ years of the same thing.
So for football I kick it off with the hits, Anything I feel that has good "book value" for inserts, $25+, and any hits get set off to the side to be placed in penny sleeves, toploaders or 10ct plastic boxes for jersey cards or thick cards. These all get placed into 2-row shoe box houses by sport. There are boxes I mark for hits and another for inserts.

Second, I pull out all of the rookies. Rookies with team logos get sorted by team and placed into binders

Rookies without any team logos and just college uni's, get placed into a college binder. Some players I could probably figure out which teams they go on while others don't ever have one. So to make it easier on myself, they all go in here.

Rookie inserts and parallels are pulled out as well and placed in a binder by themselves.

Star Players like Russell Wilson find themselves in by-player boxes. But, not their rookies as they are in the rookie binder. See how confusing this can be? Other players in here range from the 90's with Dan Marino, John Elway, Mark Brunell to players of today like Cam Newton, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown

However, there are three players I don't put in the boxes including Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. I think their value is higher than the rest so they stay out of boxes and go into binders.

Football inserts, less-valuable ones and excluding who I consider star players, find themselves in a binder by themselves. In my binder reorganization project I will be pulling out 90's sets I enjoy. I had considered putting all of the card by the products they were, but that would take me forever. Maybe that will be a later on project.

And of course I have a team for football. The Giants are pulled out and put into a few piles. Hits in one that go into a special place. Rookies and rookie inserts go into a binder and the Giants players all get sorted by player into a binder.

And finally, the scraps. This is everything I don't collect or put into binders. The base of the base like this Brian Sipe. 

These are put into big ct boxes marked NBA by team and fit nicely under my desk. These cards I used to put by brand, year and number but I dismantled them last year in my box resorting project. I feel it's easier putting them by team as I don't ever plan on putting together most of those sets I had once started.

Once I get everything bindered, they get stacked on shelves. Not standing up of course as that damages cards in the long run as the pages start to fold overtime. They are stacked alternating so one side doesn't get squished and so I can fit many on one shelf. You may notice numbers on the outside of the binders. At one point I used to number them and keep what's in them in a notebook but that got too complicated with the alternating as I can't see all of the numbers now.

The sets I have collected already find themselves remaining in the boxed set boxes or in 800 ct boxes. That's it.

So football is a bit more in-depth for me since it's my favorite sport to collect. Baseball is close behind.

Another part I failed to mention above, is my giveaway/trade pile. I pull that stuff out and set it aside as I go along for people I normally trade with and which giveaways I run.

Only one more sorting part to go in this series and it involves my new love of non sports cards along with other oddball sports I have. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and your thoughts on my sorting are welcomed in comments.