Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018 April Fantasy Baseball Prize

For those of you that joined the Sport Card Collectors Fantasy Baseball league, I finally got confirmation for the prizes in April.

Since there are two leagues, there will be two prizes. One prize for each league. The leaders for each league will win a prize and the one with the biggest lead will get to choose their prize first.

Here is the prize offering up by BCW Supplies. I own one of these super cool binders and now you can as well,

And even if you don't win it, you can still snag your own here,

As for the Topps prize, well, that's this

And a few bonus inserts as well.

Good luck to all of those in the league and keep in mind that the prizes for the year end winner are stacking up!


  1. i saw this binder at a recent cardshow. The stitching is cool! The dealer had several. I'm getting one next time but not sure what cards will go in it. Nice prizes!

    1. I had a tough time picking what to put in mine. But it's a really solid item. You definitely need one

  2. That's a pretty spiffy binder!

  3. Cool. It's my first time with fantasy sports and I have no idea what I'm doing, but I hope I can luck into winning a month at some point.

  4. Those are some nice prizes!