Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Giant Weekend

The Giants have had a hot, hot weekend of the draft and I cannot express how excited I am for the 2018 season. Now, they just gotta stay healthy unlike last year and I think we will see a pretty solid team out there on the field.

Speaking, of a hot, hot Giants weekend, check out today's latest NY Giants adds thanks to my buddy @JGfan24ever.

I cannot express how great of a guy Michael is and how happy I am to have him as a friend. He once again surprised me with four new adds for my PC.

Up first, I know JPP has been traded to the Bucs, but I still collect anyone in a NYG uniform. We have a phrase that goes, "once a Giant, always a Giant".

Another add to my Optic rainbow for Engram, this time it's numbered to 149. I don't expect to be able to chase the whole thing down but it's fun to see how far I can get. I would love to do another rainbow.

Next is this Rising Rookie dual relic of Sterling Shepard. Not many are talking about Shepard when they speak of the Giants but I think he will play a bigger role than most expect next season. Many will be trying to cover Odell and Engram, which will leave this guy open.

And finally, speaking of Engram, a new relic add for that PC. I like the red swatch on this card.
Both the Shepard and Engram are also shiny, an added bonus.

Thanks goes out to Michael again for his continuous generosity. I really appreciate it beyond words. I have a PWE or two ready to head your way when I get some stamps.

I know that spring has just begun where I live, but I have moments today where I am already looking forward to football season, I mean fall :)

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