Friday, April 27, 2018

A New Trader Over Delivers!

With temps hitting in the 50's finally and the snow starting to melt away, I am feeling pretty good right now. You know all sunshine and rainbows.

Well, besides my knee I fell on a few weeks ago and need to go see a Orthopedist soon to make sure I didn't tear anything, but that's besides the point.

My mail box was feeling better as well on Saturday with two mail days arriving including one from Gavin I posted earlier this week. Now it's time to post my second mail day, this one is from a new trading buddy on Twitter.

@CrattyPatty25 was posting cards he had FS/FT and when I saw a Giants lot I had to jump in on. I didn't have quite enough to offer him in Redskins to take the whole lot, but I did manage to get the cards I needed the most from the lot and he also threw in tons of extras.

I will discuss the extras first then move onto the main meat.

Pink refractor of Cruz, a numbered card of new Giant Jonathan Stewart and a rookie of Damontre Moore.

On top of those, he threw a couple of new Judges my way. I have been seeking that Platinum for some time now and can finally take it off from my want list. I am #AllIn on #AllRise and will take cards of the guy in my trades.

And if those weren't enough, he also threw a Paul Perkins autograph my way.
Really generous guy as you can see.

Speaking of being generous, I had mentioned wanting to trade for this Net Fusion card as well but fell short on trade bait. Well, come to find out, someone else picked up the tab for me and passed it along. Thanks @JaesCards!! Much appreciated!

Here is a closer look at the Net Fusion card. It is a throwback to the classic ones released in the late 90's early 2000's. I always had a think for unique memorabilia cards and this is one of them. Despite it not claiming to be game used or from any event. I still think it's a unique piece and I had no idea that Panini had revived them at some point.
Now we can move onto the meat of our trade.

Wayne Gallman I have major expectations for next season. He showed a lot of potential in 2017 and I am hoping unlike Perkins who I had high expectations for as well, he actually lives up to them. I snagged this nice Select auto/relic of him.

Speaking of the Giants future, up to this point it leads me to believe the next QB for the Giants could be Davis Webb. By the way, I am typing this up on Sunday the 22nd before the draft so I could be wrong by the time this is published. I see a lot of potential and I really wished the Giants could had played him in many of those terrible games they played last year to had given him some time on the field. Oh well, hoping the new coaching staff and GM will make better decisions. I do hope they don't draft a QB with this guy being unproven still.

And my final card from the trade is just plain dirty. No literally. I am obviously not a Browns fan but I had to grab this bad boy. It's not about the player, numbering or brand. It's all about that swatch. I have wanted a patch with some actual "game used" to it for some time and now I have one.

Here is a closer look at that patch.
Such a sweet card.

Thanks goes out to @CrattyPatty25 for the trade. I look forward to our next!!

Another thanks goes out to @JaesCards for your generosity as well! Much appreciated!


  1. Gotta love a dirty patch... and 50 degree weather. Glad to hear the snow is finally melting.

    1. Thanks. We just got a ton of rain the last few days. Let's just hope April showers bring May flowers