Monday, April 9, 2018

Always Second Guessing

I love getting eBay gift cards for gifts. However, I always have an issue with them as well. Since my budget is so tight for the hobby and almost not at all, when I get an eBay gift card I try to use it to it's fullest. So as soon as I make a purchase with it, I am always second guessing my self on why I bought what I bought when I could have bought something else instead.

For example, I spent many, many days with the eBay gift card graciously bought for me by Shane over at Project Pedro Blog for my birthday trying to figure out how I would spend it and spend it wisely. I looked at Psych autographs for the remaining six I need. The cheapest ones left are at $30 each. Yes, that's five more dollars than the gift card, but I probably could have pulled it off for one. But, that's just one card though a needed one. I then began to look at Ghostbusters autographs, basically the same case with the cheapest at $20 but that once again leaves me with maybe two purchases at the most. I even saw a 1996 Spx NASCAR set listed for $12 which I totally regret not getting now but I was a day late on it because of my indecisiveness.

I even bid on a few cards I tried to land cheap and couldn't do it. I simply could not pull the trigger on any of them. Every single card I looked at, I second guessed myself on.

I did end up pulling the trigger on that David Tyree autograph I posted on Easter which left me with $19 to spend. Which is when I came across a few Rodney Hampton's I needed that were cheap. Then I began to notice a few more and also saw if I spent $20 it was free shipping. I knew I could get there and find the extra dollar to help so I went shopping adding 15 new Rodney Hampton cards for $20.

My first adds were a Members Only parallel from 1996 Stadium Club. Pretty lame card with just the words Members Only written across the back. Then I also spotted a 1997 Fleer Crystal parallel and snagged that as well.

Up next, a decent looking Classic card limited to 150 copies that was pretty cheap so I made sure not to miss out on it while it was available.

One of the last pieces I needed for my 1996 Summit rainbow was found on there as well in foil form.

I still need the base version of this Topps Chrome insert, but I will always snag a refractor version first. So pretty.

I have been pushing these off for so long I figured it was time to chip in and grab them. I still need one more of these to complete the trio.

This card looked lame on the screen, but is actually pretty awesome in hand. It's printed on acetate and everything. Now I just need the blue version of this.

One of the lamest parallels off from a parallel  was this Artist Proof. I am sure I mistake many of these just as regular Museum Collection parallels. However, it's a solid looking card.

What I missed is this tiny, little stamp before.

Finally grabbed this gold numbered to 250 parallel I needed from Pro Line Impact.

I should have second guessed myself on this one, sadly I did have this card but I needed a better copy of it which is why I assume I left it on my needs list.

There are a few of these I have needed but was waiting to add these for my very last adds. Well, decided to grab another King B disc. Not the greatest piece in the world, but a needed one.

Love, love, loved Donruss Fractal Matrix parallels. This one is an X-Axis die cut version. The last one I needed in the trio.

And finally a tough to find Score Hobby Reserve Artist Proof card which was my most expensive buy of the group for $6.

Even though I second guessed myself spending the $19 on Rodney Hampton when I could have added at the very least a Ghostbusters autograph for my set, I felt pretty good when these came in hand.

Not to mention, I also had some luck when Matt over at Summer of '74 blog contacted me about a Hampton he had found as well and it was one I needed. It wasn't even on my complex Beckett checklist of needs.

This is from Sports Card Magazine in 1992 and he just mailed it to me. Really great guy. Much thanks to you my friend. I have set aside a few Brewers cards I will surprise you with down the road :)

At least that final card I didn't have to second guess on. I am kinda curious if any of you second guess yourselves after making a purchase? Let me not feel alone in comments!


  1. Definitely not alone. I hem and haw at any single card over $2. And I always think to myself, when I do that, "how many cards could I get if I just stuck with picking off the cheap ones?"...and that's even when I'm working with money received as a gift.

    1. I think gift money is the toughest. You don't want to "disappoint" the person who bought it for you if they had other intentions for you to use the card on.

  2. I second guess myself on probably around 60% of my purchases. Although for some reason I only do it on card purchases, non-card gets are never second guessed.

    1. I would totally triple guess myself if I bought something non cards which is almost what I did with this gift card. I saw a Darkwing Duck figure lot I almost pulled the trigger on then there was a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1993 lot for $8 I seriously had in my card then pulled out. I kinda regret that one some.

  3. Cool Sports Card Magazine Hampton! Love magazine cards. I sometimes regret some of my eBay purchases... but not usually when they involve gift cards. I figure with gift cards, you're playing with house money... so I usually put the money towards something I wouldn't normally buy on my own. I've got a bunch of eBay gift cards waiting for me to cash in with my PayPal credit card. I'll definitely be using them on something I wouldn't normally consider purchasing with my hard earned money.