Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Another Great Trade With Gavin!

Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown was the first person to check out my Trade Bait tab and staked his claim on a few cards and we pulled off a trade pretty fast.

I had no idea what I was going to get in return which is always fun for me and Gavin didn't disappoint.

Up first, a die cut Rodney. I never turn down a Rodney Hampton card or a nice looking insert/parallel from the late 90's.
Michael Cox rookie from Panini Black. I always thought Panini Black was one of their better looking products. Especially when it comes to the autographs and the Giants blue against that black. So sharp!
I always like to add First Pitch cards when I don't have them. This one I wanted despite the uniform being showcased. Another First Pitch card I have wanted for some time is the one featuring Fluffy the comedian.

Another great looking Gavin custom. I just sorted out my Mattingly cards this past weekend and have a decent amount of him surprisingly. I may update all of these numbers like my Giants PC as well.
Also in my package were a couple of super sweet Eli Manning relics I didn't have.

Spectra to me is a high end Chrome. I think the relics and autographs look superb on a product designed like this. It took a plain white swatch and made it worthwhile.

And finally, what may be one of my new favorite Eli relics is this nice looking Great American Treasures relic.
And with that Eli, another great trade with Gavin in the books with many more to come! Thanks again Buddy!


  1. Out of all of the Kellogg's sets... 1973 is one of my least favorite. With that being said... Gavin's custom Mattingly is awesome!