Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Highlights Of A Reader Mail Day

There it was again in my mail box. A giant box of goodness with the return address of long time Sport Card Collector reader Grady M.

As always, the box is packed full of team wants, inserts and surprises. And as always, I can never post all of it on here unless I do a week long series. It's that packed full of a box.

So I decided instead to do a few highlights instead and maybe sprinkle in some other cards for other posts.

Up first, my first taste of 2018 football. Hopefully some of these guys land on the Giants so I will have my first Giants cards of them.

Up next, some Star 86 Knicks cards. The shorts from this era of basketball crack me up. All I can think about is "who wears short shorts?" "we wear short shorts."

Not sure if this is a Sp but pretty cool none the less.

Shiny! These Prizm blue baseball parallels are pretty cool. I already have some in a binder and now can add these to it.

More shiny for my new shiny binder. The Blackmon is pretty snazzy.

A few more shiny that's going football style. Kurt Warner I have always admired from his story into the NFL and from his faith. I hope to land an autograph of his someday.

Aaron Judge. 6 new PC adds. I will have to update a new PC number on here at some point.

I have always loved these First Pitch cards. I will always add them when I can.

My first Derek Jeter insert set cards. I like the design of these especially with the touch of pinstripes.

Same goes for these Kris Bryant ones. Nicely done.

Speaking of nicely done, Panini did a solid with bringing back pennant cards in their Playoff product as a throwback to the ones in the 90's. If only they can do the leather ones now.

Some new Giants adds.

Flea Flicker. Not sure I would have used Perkins here as he hasn't proven himself yet, but I like the thought of the insert.

I didn't have the Optic Gallman yet and a new shiny Eli. Hopefully he can shine in 2018.

Speaking of shine in 2018, this guy will be big in this offense. I expect them to use him a whole lot better than they did last year.

Pineda jersey card. No longer with the Yanks, but I will add any Yankee hits I can right now to build up that PC.

Calvin Munson was a bit of a surprise. He made the Giants team and even was starter by years end. I think last I checked he is still on the team. I hope he does well next year. My only problem with this auto other than his terrible signature, the sticker cut off part of his C.

And to finish up the mail day, new Yankee Giancarlo Stanton. So far, so good in pinstripes. Not sure why Derek Jeter only asked for a lamp and lamp stand for him, but us Yankee fans thank you Derek for always being a Yankee.

Grady also once in awhile throws in the towel. Literally, He will throw me in some goodies from sporting events he has gone to. I really like those as I don't get to experience those. Last ball game I went to was almost five years ago.

A big thanks goes out to Grady again for a tremendous mail day. I can hopefully put a few things together soon and send something back to you.

I will hopefully be able to post a few other card highlights from this mail day in other posts. There was a lot of great stuff in here and I couldn't fit it all into one. I just wanted to make sure I get a faster thank you out than waiting a few weeks.


  1. very nice trade package! The blue parallels are what I miss about Prizm!

    1. Thanks. I have so, so, so much more I didn't show.

      I agree on the prizm