Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hoarding Giants

Hi. My name is Matt and I am a hoarder.

If I hadn't seen someone else take the title Hoarding Cardboard for their blog that may have been the title winner for the name replacement of Sport Card Collectors. The only difference is I hoard cardboard and many other things as well. Especially anything I can find that will make me feel nostalgic.

Just the other day I came across a couple of those items I had hoarded away since sixth grade. I was always a teachers pet in school and sometimes got rewarded for being just that. I always helped out others in the classroom, helped the teacher carry things or run errands for them to other grades voluntarily.  My sixth grade teacher especially appreciated that and would treat me different sometimes. One day we needed Popsicle sticks for the class so she bought a box of chocolate Popsicles that needed to be eaten to use the sticks. Guess who got to eat them all...Yup, this guy. She also bought me a small Christmas gift one year which I still have after all of these years. To no ones surprise it has to do with the New York Giants,
It was a pin, I don't think anyone wears those anymore, and a notepad that I never have used on purpose. It's a collectible! It's not in as mint condition as it was 20+ years ago but still not bad for something I had hoarded away.

It seems that hoarding+NY Giants are a common thing for me as I have been hoarding their cardboard for years.

It helps me hoard when great people like @JGfan24ever is always sending me stuff. Sometimes he will tell me what it is while other times it turns out to be a surprise. But, about 90% of the time I know when I see mail from him, it's NY Giants.

Here is one of his most recent PWE mailings.

A few base,

A wicked cool Donruss Optic multi-color parallel of future Giants QB Davis Webb. I still have a gut feeling they don't draft a QB this year and they move down in the draft. They could possibly trade with Buffalo and get their first next year which could lead to a draft of a QB cause I expect Buffalo to have a high pick next year.

Also a teal+Giants blue Evan Engram parallel. I love the photo on this one. Could use a good caption and the best one I have is "don't mess with me". Many defenses learned that last year and I think that's just a small glimpse of what will come from him in 2018 once the Giants are fully assembled.

And finally a Ryan Nassib relic. Even though he isn't a Giant anymore, I will still take em.

A thanks goes out to Michael again for his generosity as always. Hopefully I can send a surprise back soon.

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  1. As a teacher, I gotta admit a good teacher's pet is priceless. I've never given mine a football button, but I do bring in doughnuts or Starbucks for them every now and then.