Sunday, April 8, 2018

PWE Breakdown

Cards in my mail box the last two weeks has looked like spring has outside, it hasn't existed.

Despite how beautiful this picture may look to some of you, for those of us living in this, it is far from that. I dream of green grass, sunshine and warm weather. Not a new 3 inches of snow, cloudy and 30 degree temps in April. But, this is just how this winter has gone for us.

Looking at the weather coming up this week, it doesn't appear spring will rear it's head quite yet.

At least my mailbox has shown more potential this week than spring has with a mailing from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown.

His recent PWE came packing with some goodness.

Xavier Grimble rookie who didn't do much with the Giants, has played pretty decent in his small role with the Steelers and Eli!

A new Shepard add. I hope he continues the decent season he put up last year and I don't have many words for Eli Apple. Guy has been a bust like I thought he would be. The biggest thing is he is such a bad teammate and treats people like dirt on social media. I am a bit surprised the Giants have held onto him but maybe they are hoping for bigger things. We will see if he can change.

Here is a guy you never had to worry about character issues with, Eli Manning will go down as one of the Giants all time greats. Both on and off the field. Even after his benching last year, guy supported his teammates.  I never complain about getting anything on cardboard that involves Giants and the Super Bowl.

Everyone knows my love of late 90's inserts and some of the coolest shiny-ist ones came from Ultra. Despite being a Red Sox player, this Nomar fits right into my 90's insert PC. I can't stop looking at it. Not something I own any player of.

And finally, my oddball non sport, well kinda for this card, PC got a new addition. In 2008, Topps created these Bowman Scouts, scouts autographs. These are the guys who put in the work on the Bowman scouting. There were 21 of these to collect and Gavin sent me the guy who did a report on some guy named...

Roy Halladay.
A pretty unique addition I didn't have. I had forgotten I mentioned to Gavin I wanted this card. Glad to have it in hand now.

Big thanks to Gavin for the mail day. Hopefully it won't be the last mail day for a long stretch of time for my mail box. I have suffered through enough with the winter weather, it would be kinda nice to see an occasional mail day to view with my April cup of hot cocoa.


  1. Glad you like! Hope the weather improves over there for you over there.

  2. I prefer the winter myself, it's my favorite season...but I've been itching for spring for weeks this year, more than I ever remember in my life, I can't explain why. We could get more snow this week as well. At least when it comes at this time of year it tends not to last long. I got 5 inches last week and it all melted the same day. If I hadn't seen it that morning I wouldn't have guessed it existed by that night.

  3. We're supposed to have another 1 to 3 inches drop on us tonight. I can't remember ever getting snow this far into April in these parts.

  4. Hate to say this... but I'm praying for more wet weather. I guess it's a good thing we don't live in the same area. San Jose has suffered from a pretty dry winter.