Sunday, April 1, 2018


I don't post a lot of personal stuff on here as many as you know. It took me many years just to put my name on here, first only. So when it comes to opinions on politics and religion, I don't normally post anything about it as it just causes an uproar and controversy. Things I like to stay away from.

However, with today being Easter, I thought I would take a small dive into religion. I am a Christian. I have not always been a Christian. I was born into a non religious family who wanted nothing to do with God and did many un-Godly things. Despite that, I always had a belief there was something greater and survived my childhood.

I didn't find out what that greater thing was til I met my wife in 2002 who helped guide me into the knowledge I needed. By that summer, I was going to church every week and learning more on a daily basis. I even asked God for forgiveness for my sins and asked for him to come into my heart by late summer. I was saved. Saved by the grace of God and all his glory.

Speaking of being saved, a Christian athlete who was mainly used on special teams with the Giants, saved their season in Super Bowl 42 with the infamous helmet catch. The greatest play in not only Super Bowl history, but in NFL history. I finally was able to grab an autograph card, even a rookie one at that, of his.
David Tyree's autograph cards mostly run double digits but I guess for a Super Bowl hero and MVP runner up you would expect that. I somehow lucked out and offered $6 for this one and the seller accepted. I was pretty happy with this win as it's a nice looking card.

I promise this will be the one and only time I mention religion on here. However, just be known I will pray for those of you who need it and want it anytime. All you have to do is tell me.

I hope all of you have a Happy Easter and remember #HeisRisen!


  1. That catch was awesome! I'm not even a Giants fan and I'd love to own one of Tyree's signatures in honor of that Super Bowl moment. Happy Easter!

    1. I was surprised I landed it so cheap. I also have the book he wrote. I meant to post that as well

  2. Happy Easter my friend, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Tim! Not easy sharing this stuff not knowing the response but I did it by faith and seems everyone was okay with it