Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Has Sprung..In My Mail Box At Least

Spring is never coming. Well, supposedly on tomorrow and Tuesday but we will see about that. For now, this is all I see, more and more snow falling. This has got to be one of the longest winters that I can remember in some time.
Please let the local weatherman be right about this upcoming week. No more snow. I want/need some spring.
At least my mail box this week had some sunshine and spring to it.

Up first, a mail day from @BrilliantCards just because I RT'd something for him. A mail day wasn't needed but is appreciated for my Derek Jeter PC.
Even came with a signed 1/1 card from himself. I think having a calling card in mail days is something I need to look into doing now.
Thanks @BrilliantCards for the Jeter! Go give him a follow for giveaways and some great deals on sport cards and non sport cards.

Up next, a surprise mail day from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog. I knew we had gone back and forth over a few things, but I wasn't expecting a mail day yet. It was fun to be buried by cards instead of snow.

The first cards in the group are cards I claimed off from his trade bait tab-speaking of which mine is finally loaded with cards especially for those hockey and basketball fans-for my 90's PC. They look even better in person!

These Donruss Studio's are 8x10's.

Here is a Portrait Proof parallel. Very shiny. Gus looks pretty mean here.
Dan Marino is a Portrait Proof gold parallel numbered to 10,000. The photo cracks me up as it would appear he is posing for a online dating service.
And a really sweet card of the group is this Stained Glass card of Michael Irvin. I thought the card sounded like something I would like but having it in hand it is amazing. I held this up to the light for this post trying to capture it's magic. It's a thin plastic stained glass card numbered to 1,000. I WANT THE SET NOW!! So for those of you who trade with me, please keep an eye out for more of these. (also they make a Griffey Jr like this as well that I wouldn't mind trading for)
The final cards for the 8x10's are these RedZone Masterpiece inserts numbered to 10,000

Up next were two team sealed bags of goodies. The cards on the outside hid the inner contents but I still liked the outside cards as well. I think Dez is talented but seeing him in a Giants uni, not sure about that. I don't care much for his character.

Some new Giants adds in this group with a lot of WR love.

I always like adding high end Giants cards in my PC since most of them I don't have. Both of these cards are numbered as well to 429.

The next group goes shiny and numbered. I am diggin' that Tiki Rated Rookie.

Then we switch to baseball for a second with this new Bernie Williams addition. I have cards like this but they are all Jeters. I don't have anyone else so this was a nice new add.
Back to Giants football with another numbered card. I don't think Gartrell had much of a chance with the Gmen and didn't with the Chargers who drafted him or the Falcons either. Only had 79 rushing yards for his career. But I like adding the oddball Giants players in my PC whether they hit the field or not.
REFRACTOR MANIA! You take my love of refractors, mix in some Giants and you have a winner.

And to finish up this mail day, a new Andre Williams autograph (not sure if he is still with the Chargers or not)

A Paul Perkins relic (this guy could be the oddman out if the Giants select Barkley)

And two Rodney Hamptons. I am not sure if the Collectors Choice is new yet til I compare with the others I have since the colors are so similar

And a brand spankin new one in this silver Pacific Invincible! Card number 536 in the PC out of 816
This mail day brightened up my snow-filled week.
Thanks to Dennis for this mail day. I have another PWE to head your way soon.
Speaking of PWE's to head out, I packed up 14 of those last weekend to head out to mainly blogger buddies so be sure all of you watch your mail boxes that will hopefully brighten up your mail boxes especially if you are still dealing with winter like I am.

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  1. That Stained Glass insert is beautiful. I've wanted the Favre for years. As for the playing cards... I've been toying with using them instead of the Topps custom cards I've created, since they're so much more affordable.