Monday, April 30, 2018

Totally Rad Bodacious 90's Post: Printed On The First Day

If you didn't see on Twitter, I had once again started up another blog that lasted 2 days. I tried to revive a 90's blog again but told myself it simply wasn't going to work and that I needed to stick to just doing Sport Card Collectors and Snagging Cardboard (new posts coming soon). There is no way in my busy schedule did I have time to do another one despite telling myself I did. 

However, I did like the concept of the blog and decided to take that over here to begin a new series instead hence today's post. Same will go for Origins Of A Cardboard Addict which I deleted as well and new posts from that blog will appear here time to time too.

So I hope you enjoy this new series and that it takes you back. From here on out the posts will begin as follows.....

Today's post is brought to you buy the snack DunkAroos,
MMMMMMM! DROOOOOLLLLLLL *insert Homer Simpson drool face over a doughnut*

I remember these like it was yesterday. Delicious little cookies that you dunk in a cup of frosting. It's was a kids dream come true and was mine. My parents would pick up boxes of these and I would bring them to school for morning snack and feel like a king over those who would bring an apple. I had many trade offers but declined every time. This was the top snack of snacks.

I ate mine a bit differently than the suggested way to. I would eat the cookies first, then dive into the frosting after. It was one of those eat your supper than enjoy dessert feelings.

I wished they hadn't ever been taken off from the market as I still would have eaten them today. I mean kids eat cookies with frosting in them today? This is the same thing except the frosting is outsdie the cookie. I have saw on a few websites that Walmart has created their own version of this delightful snack but I have yet to see it at my local box store but will continue to check for it.

Back in the 90's, we didn't need 35 parallels. We also didn't need fancy names or complicated levels of telling what was what. Things were simple and even a caveman could collect the cards.

Which leads us to today's parallel find, a 1st Day Issue parallel from 1993 Stadium Club baseball. When Topps started producing these cards, the first 2,000 cards of each player were printed with the  1st Day rainbow foil symbol at the top and inserted into packs at a rate of 1:24 or roughly one-per-box.

Having an insertion rate like that does two things, it adds value and it makes it extremely challenging to chase down a set if you desired to.

I actually pulled this Boggs in a few pack break a couple years ago. Got lucky I guess you could say.

It is not only the parallel part of the card I enjoy, but that stunning Stadium Club photography is like no other. Here we see Boggs finishing his swing.

The card backs were also more intriguing than most today. They put complete stats of the player including height, weight, place of birth. It broke down all of his stats and where he ranked in categories. It also features a picture of his rookie card. Stadium Club may have had some of the best card backs in the hobby especially this version.
FYI, Wade Boggs played for the Yankees from 1993-1997 and won the World Series with the team in 1996 vs the Braves. Overall he played 18 years and finished his career in Tampa Bay. Most of us forget that.

Card Breakdown:
Brand:1993 Stadium Club
Insert/Parallel:First Day Issue
Player Featured:Wade Boggs
Card Number:601


  1. i don't know about their'claimed' insertion rates. I bought a LOT of StC - BOXES - back then and never pulled a single one. I was brand new to the hobby and thought the whole 'first day issue' was pretty impressive. you were lucky AND pulled a good player!

    1. I was impressed. It never happened again though lol

  2. Pulling a 1st Day issue of a future HOF must have been awesome! I'm sure this card was worth big $$$ back in the day.

    1. Probably was. I pulled it just a few years too late

  3. I remember pulling a 1st day issue for a Chris Webber rookie card as a teenager. I sold it to a guy I worked with for $100. Those cards were worth big bucks back in the day.

    1. Wow. That's for sure. Now they seem to be worth only what you put on them for yourself

  4. Dunkaroos are still sold here in Canada. They don’t taste the same as they once did for some reason.