Monday, May 21, 2018

Binders Reorganization Update #5

There was a good three month binder tear apart station that spread across my desk, my floor, the kitchen and even on my bed (I had to move that at night) where I completely took apart every binder in my collection to reorganize them.

The project moved a bit faster than even I expected but all is well for now. I may go back and sort my inserts by team or fix my Yankee binders by player. We will see. I would like the Yankee binders fixed at the very least.

Anyways, after the storm all that remains is one tray with assorted cards on it from running out of pages to finish my project. Once I get those, this tray will be empty until I get more cards in hand.

Like my two other sorting trays.

I even found room on my desk once again and was able to finally use those cool custom card stands created by @90sNicheFBCards from our last trade.

After I put the binders back on the shelves, I put index card labels on each shelf letting me know what's in each binder section so I can locate things easier. I would have loved to stand the binders upright but know cards would get ruined over time doing that so flat they lay. Not as pretty, but safe which is more important.

There could have been a couple more parts to this series but instead I will be doing sub-series. Sets Of My Childhood and probably something with the shiny stuff I pulled out and made a binder of as well. The Sets Of My Childhood one will be a pretty long series so it's better to be a spinoff instead of dragging this one out over time.

I think a couple of commenters in this series told me I would feel a sense of accomplishment once this was done and I have to agree. I do. But, as we all know, there is never any true end to sorting. We always find a new project or add new cards that need a place to stay.


  1. Wow, I had never seen a sorting tray before today.

    1. Dude. You seriously need one. I have 3. They are very useful

  2. I'm sorting through this collection I just purchased... and I could really, really, really use one of these sorting trays.