Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Clear Shot At Spending My eBay Bucks!

As you guys know, I am a very low budget collector so when I got my eBay bucks certificate back recently, I didn't get a triple digit return, I didn't even get a double digit return. I got $1.88. Yes, one dollar and eighty-eight cents.

Some of you may laugh and some of you may not even bother using an amount so low, but for me, $1.88 opened up some possibilities and to me, money is money. No matter the amount.

I knew I wasn't going to add to my Psych or Ghostbusters needs with that amount, but since I collect so much the windows were open to many things. First I checked for Rodney Hamptons. Nope, all the ones that cheap I have. Second, I looked at NY Giants in general, nope, got em. So lastly I checked out Sets Of My Childhood cards and knew I could score some kind of help there.

But, I didn't want to spend my big bucks on just any card randomly I needed, I wanted something unique from my needs.

That's when I discovered a 1995 Pinnacle Clear Shots card I needed for my set. These cards fell 1:60 packs and are printed acetate with a touch of silver foil.
So far I only had Jerry Rice for the set. Now I have Marshall. So 2 out of 10 done. This set will be featured on Sets Of My Childhood THE SERIES at some point and hopefully I can get some help to finish my set.

I was pretty happy with my choice and finding a set need under $2. Most of these in the set are over that price even for a non Hall Of Famer.


  1. Nice pickup! That said looks really cool, especially for when it was made. The great grandfather of Clear Vision.

  2. Love this set. It's even cooler when you're able to pick up singles for it using your eBay bucks. Best of luck with building it.

    1. Thanks! I don't have a huge ways to go but long enough.