Saturday, May 12, 2018

Collectin' With Pops

Back when I was younger, my father and I collected many things. From Starting Lineups to magazines to these .50  mugs that came in the quarter machines

To these baseball helmets that did as well (and those football helmets I posted in earlier posts)
To Ken Griffey Jr food items, to Wheaties Boxes and so much more over the years including the obvious sport cards. 

Since I moved out, we have kept in contact over the years and have gotten rid of a lot of the "stuff" we once had, but one thing we have held onto is our love of the Yankees, NY Giants and talk of sport cards even with both of us taking a small break at some point in our collecting careers we still discussed them.

A few years ago-I have mentioned this a few times-I got him back into collecting and now he is collecting like crazy. Buying vintage and modern left and right. Faster than I am by far now. I have slowed down due to finances, but he has been a help with trading cards to me to keep my sanity so I can add new ones in.

We have pulled off five trades so far with my latest just arriving. So let's take a look.

First up, a guy we collected a lot of in the 90's, Ken Griffey Jr. This is my first Optic "refractor" of him.

My father bought into the 2017 rookie chase and had me believing that Bellinger would be better than Judge this year. Well.....we were wrong so far.

This was a bonus card he sent just because. I think this may go into my trade pile.

My first official "rookie card" of first pick in the draft Baker Mayfield.

And the second pick...who is also a Giant in Saquon Barkley. This is a Primary Colors insert and marks my second card of his. I WANT MORE!!!!

You can't say ELIte Series without Eli!

And a card I traded for just because I am hoping he pans out. I also like Kenny G's signature and not so much his music. Some of you will get this lame joke.
Another solid trade with pops and we are already working out another. I should have that one posted up in the next couple of weeks.

With our trading picking up so much, I am glad we don't collect those other items anymore. Can you imagine what the shipping costs would be???


  1. I instantly started hearing the saxophone playing in the back of my mind when I saw that autograph.

    P.S. Love those mini helmets!