Monday, May 7, 2018

Engram+Barkley=A PWE Perfect Combo

Once again I found another fun surprise in my mail box from my long distance friend @JGFan24ever on Twitter who passed along two really sweet cards for my Giants PC.

Up first is this Optic Evan Engram that will add to my rainbow I started and recently posted about on my Snagging Cardboard blog. If you haven't checked that blog out yet, please do so.

This latest add will go along with these,

I am not sure how far I will get with this chase, but if any of you want to trade me some help I would accept. Once again the hardest part of a rainbow chase is finding and affording the 1/1.

The next card is My first Saquon Barkley card in my PC that isn't a Sports Illustrated For Kids version. This is a 2018 Elite Draft Status Die Cut. Such a purty card!

 I am hoping this is just the beginning of my Saquon search. I want any and all of his cards. If you have any available, please check out my trade bait tab that has plenty of trade bait . Especially if you are a hockey or basketball fan. You can find the trade bait tab HERE and rules for trading with me.

A big thanks goes out to Michael again for this generous mail day. There should have been a PWE headed your way and hopefully it arrived safely to you just as a small thank you. I plan on sending more out to you later on.


  1. My buddy at the flea market had a bunch of his Score rookie cards, but he was asking $5 each. Figured that was kinda high for being a mass produced rookie card of a guy who hasn't played in an NFL game yet.

    1. Well all of his stuff is going high right now. I fear it will only will get higher if he is the stud everyone expects. So I am trying to add now while I can.

      But, I agree, $5 for Score is steep but that's what eBay wants as well.