Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nuttin But The Hits:2018 Donruss Baseball Rack Pack

I sometimes feel alone in the blogging world when it comes to liking Panini baseball products. Yes, I know there are no logos but sometimes you have to look past that. I struggle with it, but mainly when it comes to products from completely unlicensed companies like Sage and Leaf.

One of my favorite Panini baseball products is Donruss. It's affordable and can pack a punch. Maybe not so much retail wise, but hobby wise, the stuff is pretty solid in my opinion.

Since I couldn't afford a hobby box and missed out on 2017 Donruss completely, I said, I am so digging in for 2018 and picked up a rack pack.

Each rack pack comes with 30 cards for the $4.98.

I pulled three Yankees for my PC including Mickey Mantle. Panini included a ton of name variations this year. For those of you who complain about Topps doing that, Panini said hold my glass for that one. I liked how they did the name variations in the past making them actual tough pulls, but this year there is simply too much.

Here is another nickname. I believe this is a sepia parallel but couldn't read my wrapper once I tore it.

My two Rated Rookies. Pitchers. Ugh. I am not a fan of pitchers. But, the design isn't too shabby.

Diamond Kings has taken a facelift change every year. I am not too much of a fan of this design however.

This, this is what Donruss baseball is all about. Throwback design. I think Panini should use the throwback designs for the base cards. They could throw it back like Topps does with Archives.

I hit this blue parallel of the throwback. It's a very similar parallel to the ones found in 2015 Panini Americana. A tiny bit shiny but right to my liking.

I found a few things with this years Donruss I wasn't completely a fan of , but I still like the product. The hobby boxes from what I see still pack plenty of fun and are reasonably priced. I may still try to get my hands onto a box.

What do you guys think about 2018 Donruss?


  1. i am a Panini fan: Diamond Kings, Cooperstown, Americana, Golden Age, Pastime - all have been favorites. 2018 Donruss was a big disappointment. I bought only two packs. The 84 style cards are by fat the best. Too many name variations, too many variations period. The base cards with the wide white band are hideous, as are the DKs. I feel Donruss is coasting on the past, lacking major creativity. Hope next year is a better one. I've saved a couple hundred dollars this year with no Donruss box purchases.

    1. Yes. I totally agree with you. This years product does not look well enough to invest in. Hold your money for 2019 hopefully

  2. I received a regular hobby pack in my subscription box last weekend and wasn't too impressed. Like Julie... I enjoy some of Panini's older products like Golden Age and Hometown Heroes. But this attempted rehash of Donruss designs from my childhood just isn't cutting it. There are a fair share of nice looking cards like that Nolan Ryan, but I'm just way too big of a logo snob.

    1. I love Golden Age. Wished they would revive that line

  3. I wish they would bring back Hometown Heroes. Also, I'm one of the few I think that like Triple Play.
    The reboot of Donruss has been rather meh for me, because I was never much of a Donruss fan. The high number of variations definitely are anegative in my book. That being said, I'll still look to pick up the Cubs when I can. LOL

    1. I hear ya there. I will still chase down Judge despite the no logo and 100 variations