Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Nuttin' But The Yankee Hits Part 1

I finally took a moment to dig out all of my Yankee hits to showcase on here. I do a lot of posts but not many focus on my Yankees PC or even mention the Yankees. That's because a lot of my focus in my collecting today doesn't put the Yankees up to the top anymore.

My main preferences are usually NY Giants, non sport or late 90's these days but it doesn't mean I wouldn't pick up a Yankees card for my PC here and there if one was available. My main Yankee wants right now are AARON JUDGE and DEREK JETER anything. Just hopefully I don't have it.

The Yankee hits I am showcasing in this four part series does not include my Derek Jeter relics, there are not many of those to show either, or my Aaron Judge hits which is just the two autographs, but the other stuff I have collected over the years. I may have to dig out my Jeters at another point to show off and re-post the Judge's.

Today, on the other hand, we kick off this series with a Clint Frazier relic from Topps Heritage Minors. Technically not Yankees, but I acquired this relic after the Yankees added Clint so I count it that way.

Tyler Austin who learned what the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is all about fast and is having a pretty solid season.

Sevvy. I like his signature and the look of this overall card.

Phil Hughes. This guy was said to be the next Roger Clemens but never really panned out in NY.

I don't know much about Heathcott, I just liked the look of the card and the pinstripe.

Nick Johnson auto I added thanks to Breakdown Cards awhile back. So much open space on this card they definitely could have added more pictures or have turned it into a dual auto.

And to finish it up, Sean Henn autograph. He has a weird signature to boot. Even though Sean wasn't a superstar, I saw this card and traded for it because I liked the look of the card and I have always been fond of Spx.

Here was the first round of hits to show off in my Yankee hits PC.  There will be more to come!


  1. Ugh. I can't stand the Yankees... but I gotta admit... I do enjoy picking up nice Jeters from time to time.

    1. I know that must not have been very easy for you to admit lol