Thursday, May 10, 2018

Prospecting The Yanks

Prospecting. It's one of the most rewarding/frustrating things in the hobby.

It's also something I don't normally seek out but in the last few years have changed my tune on that.

Last year I pulled a Heliot Ramos autograph from Bowman Draft I had bounced around to a few traders but didn't get much interest. With that card being in the Top 20 on the Beckett Hot List I decided I would hold onto it just in case he became the next superstar. Well, that changed fast when I saw @Mike__McKenna post a few cards that caught my eye and that was the only thing I think I could entice him with. Within a few hours, we worked ourselves out a deal and the guy I was gonna hold onto was soon no longer in hand.

Let's see what I got in return for it.

My first Aaron Judge 2018 Donruss cards. I don't think the design is terrible, just wished the logos were there.

Bowman's Best insert of Judge last year.

And finally an ice parallel from Bowman Platinum. Sweet looking rookie card and card number 71 in my Judge PC. That's 71 different by the way. On my way to 100!

Then I took my look at a couple of Andujars who has played extremely well since being placed in the Yanks lineup. It carried over from his hot spring training.

Heritage rookie with Frazier,

Topps Silver pack card. Sick looking card!

And finally what started up the trade....Gleyber Torres. He hit his first home run last week vs the Indians along with his first walk off home run on Sunday vs them (note that this was typed up on Sunday so if he did anything else this week it won't be updated). I expect more to come from this young gun. Ever since he was called up the Yanks have turned things around and look like the team we all expected.

I had a few of his cards already including an autograph, but this should help pad that PC some more.

A Bowman Chrome mini

Bowman Chrome prospect

Bowman's Best prospect. I have the atomic but not the base

Bowman Platinum prospect

Doesn't look like Gleyber lost his mojo, with this twisted mojo refractor.

My final card from the trade was the first card I inquired about, this on-card Bowman High Tek autograph. Nice looking card all around.
I sometimes question myself if I made the right move with letting Ramos go, but I think in the end having cards of guys from my team and letting Ramos go to a SF Giants fan has to be the influencing factor. Like I said, prospecting can make you do some tough decisions sometimes and make things frustrating. It's usually why I don't do it. But, I probably will still attempt to in a small extent.
I am okay however with letting prospect autographs go for veterans if they are guys like Cal Ripken and others on my want list. 

So for now, I am considering myself a beginning prospector. So have any autographs, inserts, parallels or Bowman rookies from the past 5 years of HITTERS ONLY (sorry but I am not a fan of pitchers)? I will take em in trade!

As for my trade with @Mike__McKenna , a big thanks goes out to him for the trade and helping pad my Yankees PC more. I hope we can do this again in the near future.


  1. Have fun on your prospecting adventures!

    1. I am not sure how deep I will go, but at least I would like to with Yankees. Just for fun. Not for the money part.