Friday, May 11, 2018

REVIEW:BCW 12-800 Count Card House

I am always looking for new ways to keep my card room not only sorted, but looking nice. One of the things I have used before are the BCW card houses. You would be amazed how fast your card area can change just by using a few of these.

I have used the Shoe Box houses a few times and have shown them off in my sorting posts. They look like this,

They help house my hits and keep things stacked accordingly.

But, one I have been needing is one to hold my 800 ct boxes. If you own and use those, you know as well as I do that overtime they can tip over from overuse as they wear down. Well, the great thing about the Card House is that it keeps them in-line and can hold 12 at a time. That's huge at least for me who has many in use.

I recently acquired one of the 12 800 ct card houses to review on here and I will tell you one thing, it's simple and easy it was to put together. Let me tell you, if I can do it, you can.
Up first, I see I didn't take a picture of the main piece but it's the biggest piece in the box in comes in. So take that piece and place it into a square position. **note that I took this picture after I inserted the insides. Yours won't look like this as I suggest putting the box into position and taping it first before inserting the pictures**

On the backside of that piece, tape the back together. It's simply just putting tape on it. Nothing complicated. The flaps just fall into place.

Next take the insides. Fold them in half and slide them into the box with the open end sides facing out.

Like this

Up next, take the piece that looks like this and fold up the side flaps. On the inside of the box where you inserted the last pieces, you will notice the three openings. This piece has two and makes up the floor to your boxes. Just slide this piece into the others and it's that simple.

And boom. It should turn out like this. Notice that the flaps you folded down on the last piece face upwards.

The last part is simple, take the big flaps that are out on the main piece and fold them into the slots.

And finally, take the 800ct boxes and slide them in. They are all tucked in nicely to help keep your card room looking good.
OVERALL: This wasn't a piece very hard to put together. Which is the biggest plus of all as I hate complicated items. I am not great at putting things together. Just ask my wife and her backwards chair legs. Okay, that was one time but, hey, trying to make a point.

You can find your own Card House that comes with 12 boxes on the BCW website here,


  1. I've been trying to buy one of these for my classroom for awhile now, but my wholesaler never has them in stock. Not planning to put cards in it though. I'm going to use it to store colored pencils.

    1. That's a great idea. Then write on the outside what they are. Did you order through BCW?

    2. No I usually get my supplies from GTS Distribution. I figured ordering online through BCW was going to be too expensive due to shipping costs.

  2. This is my storage system. I got a couple of shoebox houses that hold 6 3200 count boxes each last year, and my collection has been so much better since then. Try explaining to your wife that all you want for Father's Day is a cardboard box to hold your cardboard boxes that hold your cardboard pictures, though.

  3. I picked up 2 of the shoebox houses a few weeks ago. Hoping to get the Cubs organized into one, the rest of the teams (traders) into the other and purge the rest...until I decide I want a third...

    1. Haha. More is always better I find when it comes to storage. Never thought about storing trade bait in mine. Hmmmmmm

  4. I have used card houses since 1988,I am up to 35 card houses storing 420 800 count boxes.