Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Last year I tweeted out this photo on Twitter of my desk,
Immediately I had a comment of "wow that's such a disaster someone please help this guy sort things out." 

I responded with, "that's not a mess, that's how I sort. It's a bit complex."

I made a promise to that individual that I would do a segment to explain my sorting and here I am.

It really isn't as complex as it looks, at least to me. But, it is a bit in-depth with as much as I collect and as many sports as I collect.

So I thought I would make this series breaking down everything I collect and how I sort it. I hope this will explain the picture I tweeted and maybe give you some ideas for your own collection on how to sort.

Today I am showing off how I sort the rest of the sports and non sports I collect. Yes, I collect way too much. But, is there really such a thing??

When it comes to non sport, soccer, UFC, NASCAR or any hit I get from the rest of the sports I collect, they get loaded into penny sleeves, toploaders or 10ct boxes depending on how thick of a hit I get.

These hits then get placed into shoe box houses by what they are to make it easier to find something when I need to.

Up next, the base I sort by number. This is a very long process sometimes. Unlike the key four sports, I don't usually pull out an specific players or people so the stacks are bigger.

 and place into boxes marked oddball or non sport depending on what they are.

Finally, the inserts from all and 2015 Americana only get placed into binders by what they are. Every part has a small binder for it.

Once I get everything bindered, they get stacked on shelves. Not standing up of course as that damages cards in the long run as the pages start to fold overtime. They are stacked alternating so one side doesn't get squished and so I can fit many on one shelf. You may notice numbers on the outside of the binders. At one point I used to number them and keep what's in them in a notebook but that got too complicated with the alternating as I can't see all of the numbers now.

Another part I failed to mention above, is my giveaway/trade pile. I pull that stuff out and set it aside as I go along for people I normally trade with and which giveaways I run.

Well, that's it for how I sort everything and marks the end of this popular series.

Thanks for reading and your thoughts on my sorting are welcomed in comments. Even toss in how you sort as well.


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    1. I was happy to had traded for that a couple years ago

  2. ❤️ the storage article. I may need to take pics of my set up soon. Thanks! — https://sketchcard.wordpress.com/