Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Low Budget Collector Part 4:Trading

I cannot stress how important trading has been to my collecting the last few years with my low, low budget. I wouldn't have been able to finish sets, add new Giants cards, add Rodney Hamptons without it. It's probably the biggest part in this series.

I wanted to save this for the series finale, but knowing I just came off from the PWE post, I think this is an important part to post next.

The only part money becomes a role in a trade is paying for shipping. Shipping costs continue to rise so I think it's very important to find a balance in your trading partners. I have trading partners who both accept PWE and packages. It helps me be able to mail out more at a time and enjoy trading to it's fullest.


I can get out seven PWE for the cost of one package. So sometimes I will send out seven trade PWE's  knowing I should be getting seven returns. The more returns, the better, as it keeps your mind busy from the fact you can't afford to add any new cards to your PC without these incoming mail days. So you are focused on that mail box and the mail man coming with all of that built up anticipation.

As for packages, I try to save those only for higher end bigger trades. Those are exciting as well even though less in number vs the PWE because you know those will come packing with lots of goodness. Sometimes these packages I put together for bigger trades can sometimes lead to a $8-$10 shipping range so I try to keep those trades to a minimum of only a few time a year.

A few things to keep in mind when trading,
  • Shipping costs outside the U.S. are nuts. I currently only trade with U.S. buddies because I really can't afford otherwise. I feel terrible about it but it's what I gotta do for now.
  • Do not ship relic/jersey cards PWE. I have gotten some bent to me before because of the postal machines. If trading relics, make it a worthy trade so you can put them in a package to mail.
  • Make sure you tell your trading partner how you are shipping to them ahead of time before discussing a trade
  • Make sure to give your trading partner the tracking number. I know I always appreciate getting mine and I am always sending mine to those who are expecting. It helps everyone know the packages location in case of any emergencies
  • Trade with people you know and trust. I do add newbies to my trading circle once in awhile but they have to come backed by someone I have already traded with. There are many, many people out there looking to rip you off but also many just looking to trade. Just be safe that's all

I hope Part 4 of this will help you in some way today to keep on collecting no matter the circumstance. This is the point of these posts and even though some may be obvious like this one, it will hopefully still get you in the right direction without wanting to quit the hobby. I am also hoping it may give you a new way to save money and collect. 


  1. Nice Judge! Would like to have that one with a auto. !

  2. points well made. I hope to trade PWE more often. I tend to send larger packages months apart. Using PWE would help me send cards more often, esp while newer cards are relevant, before my pals have ten copies already.