Monday, May 14, 2018

TMNT Episode 3: League Licensing

Deep in the sewers of NYC, lived the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most have forgotten about them living there. Some remember and shrug it off. Others still recognize them as heroes that saved their city from the foot-clan.

What have the turtles been doing all of these years in hiding.....

Sorting sports cards.

Does it truly ever end?

Nobody knew of the turtles and their collecting sports cards except for Casey Jones who would bring the turtles packs to open and card supplies to store their items.

Once in awhile the turtles run into a card-related problem that could use some help solving before it got messy.

Today Donatello and Leonardo were comparing cards from today to cards from the 90's. That's when an interesting topic came out.

Leo: Hey Donnie, I was just looking through these cards from the 90's and noticing brands like Score, Pro Line, Upper Deck, Fleer for a variety of sports. I don't believe we have those kind of cards today.

Donnie: Nah brah. All I got is Panini, Panini, Topps, Panini, Panini, Panini, Panini, Topps, Upper Deck.

Leo: Wonder what happened.

Donnie: Not sure. It just appears this Panini place bought out everything and left a few scraps behind for Topps and Upper Deck.

Leo: That doesn't give us much variety.

Donnie:No it doesn't. It's quite saddening looking at everything overall on the market right now. A lot of it looks the same. Where's the creativity?

SHREDDER: What do you mean there is no variety and creativity? We have Leaf and Sage cards as well.
Shredder threw down some Sage Hit cards in front of his enemies. That Shredder always is stirring things up.

*Leo draws his weapon*

Donnie: Wait Leo. Let's hear what he has to say.

SHREDDER: Look at these. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cards

Leo:Where are the logos?

SHREDDER: Well, we can't get everything we want. Can we Turtles?

Donnie: Those cards look okay, but without logos they don't interest me that much.

Leo:Me neither. Those 90's cards had all the products with all the logos.

The conversation between the three continued on. The Shredder seemed to think what we had today was great and the unlicensed cards were just as good as licensed ones. Leo and Donnie agreed the 90's with all of that variety was the way to go and that unlicensed cards were ugly. This could be a very long day/night for all of them.

The Turtles need your help to solve this problem. Let them know in comments your thoughts on the league licensing and unlicensed cards. Hopefully by the time the next episode happens there will be a solution.


  1. I do enjoy the Leaf and Sage football cards, personally, but not so much on Panini’s no-logo baseball stuff. Kind of an ironic opinion, I guess.

  2. I wish that all of the leagues offered licenses to 3 to 5 companies... with each company limited to 2 to 4 product lines. That way logo-less cards wouldn't be an issue... and card companies would be forced to be creative and competitive... without flooding the market with 25 different products.