Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nuttin But The Hits:1997 Bowman's Best Football Hobby Box Break (sick break!)

The late 90's. Is there truly any better time in the hobby?

The variety, the brands, the innovations, the value.

It's all in there.

For me there is also a bonus, the memories. This was and always will be my best time in the hobby. Nothing will ever change that.

So when I pulled off my last trade with Project Pedro blog I got the opportunity to take a trip back down memory lane with some packs/box breaks from my past. I loved every aspect of our trade, but these breaks were truly what hit me the hardest and what I enjoyed the most. With every pack I busted a smile can be seen for miles across my face and the next chance to open the next pack brought me joy like no other.

There will be multiple breaks coming up on here. So get ready to take a trip back in time!
Today. let's go back to 1997 shall we? That's the year after I was currently starting to post about for Origins Of A Cardboard Addict blog. I had thought about busting these boxes over there, but instead I decided to keep them here and maybe this will be the future site of that blog as well and will continue my story of collecting here. 

Okay, Bowman's Best. One great looking product that included refractors. I was sold in the 90's but packs costed a ton that I couldn't afford a lot of it. Flash forward 20 years and here I was finally opening up a box of it.

Each box comes with 24 packs with 6 cards per pack. The base cards looked like this and have 125 cards in the base set. I fell short of that in my box break and will be seeking it in my Sets Of My Childhood chase,

The Rookies in the set looked similar except a touch of silver on the edges. Key rookies were Jake Plummer, Warrick Dunn, and Tony Gonzalez. At least when you open a box of retro wax, you know which prospects made it already as opposed to today's stuff you open.
Now onto my awesome pulls from this box

Two named refractors in Jake Plummer and John Elway. These fall 1:12 packs.

Then I got the promised atomic refractor that falls 1:24 packs, but it was Jerry stinkin Rice!! Followed up in the next pack with another atomic this time of all-time great Reggie White!!!!

That wasn't even the end of the break. Following those was this Best Cuts, 1:24 packs of Jerry Rice then a Best Cuts refractor 1:48 packs of Mark Brunell!
Can you feel the heat?!!

Man do I miss the hobby days of the 90's. Products today don't even touch this stuff.
This was the final break of my trade with Project Pedro blog. A HUGE thanks goes out to him for allowing me to do a trade like this and take me back in time. I really hope we can do this again. If you haven't checked out Project Pedro Blog, please do so. He is expanding his segments on top of the already popular Cheap Wax Wednesday.

I am also going to do a giveaway from this break on Twitter so make sure you are following me there!


  1. Geez, that might be the best box of anything that I've be opened in quite some time! And could you've asked for two better atomic refractors? Probably not! It's also nice to see that nothing seems to be turning green.

    1. Yeah I was happy they werent. I noticed that some do that other people have mailed me

  2. Congrats! ! I just found a few cards I had of this product.. I opened a ton of it

    1. I opened some but not enough. Now I want more lol

    2. I opened some but not enough. Now I want more lol

  3. Damn. This would have been a monster box back in the day. Heck... it's still a monster box. Awesome refractors!

    1. Thanks. I am pretty stoked about this break still. I want another box