Saturday, June 30, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Classics Football+GIVEAWAY!!!!

When Panini first revived the Classics brand, I was so excited. Then I opened a box. Not so much. The following year they released it again, I was hesitant, but still tried some. It was much improved from the previous year. So when this years product came out I was hopeful.

I had only heard great things about this years product and I tend to agree with those that were fans. This is by far the best Classics ever.

Why do I feel this way, well, your gonna have to read on and check the break out.

Every box of 2018 Classics football comes with 14 packs of 10 cards per pack. There are 2 hits per box promising to be one autograph and one memorabilia card. There are also 4 chrome parallels with one promised to be numbered. Boxes currently run under $80 which is a great deal.

The base cards are player focused on photos, but have some full color photography. there is minimal border leaving for more photo and it has a throwback pennant design for the team name. The card in general has a throwback feel.

There are 300 cards in the base set to collect. 100 veterans, 100 legends and 100 rookies.

Here are the Legends. Big name finds up and down the 100 card checklist.

And the rookies. Here are the best from my box. I still NEED SAQUON!!! If you have one or an extra, please PWE it my way!

As with any product, you gotta expect the parallels. I pulled Timeless Tribute ones in gold /99 Tyrod and Orange /25  Toliver. There is also Blue /10 and Black 1/1 not found in my box.

Then came the numbered parallels which you can't tell what you have til you flip them around.  There is Red Back /299 (Wims and Hilton), Blue Back /175, Blank Back /50 (Henry), Green Back /40, No Name /10, and Full Name /5.

Speaking of the card backs. They are a ton of fun by the way. I was going to mention this with the base but didn't take a photo of it. So I will here with the card backs in view. There are stats, a fun write up and a tid bit or trivia involved. Kind of like the old days.

Up next we take a look at the optichromed cards that have 90 in the set. They are a thing of beauty! I can see Panini taking this to a set of it's own before they are done. And hey look who I found..they Saqoun guy :D

Each box also comes with a numbered parallel from the optichrome. I didn't find a bad one at all in this break with Mr.Fournette! I want to chase the Barkley rainbow. Have one? Let me know and let's trade!

Overall parallels for the optichrome,
PARALLEL CARDS: Red Back /175, Blank Back /35, No Name /5, and Full Name 1/1.
TIMELESS TRIBUTES PARALLELS: Gold /65, Orange /15, Blue /5, and Black 1/1.

Let's take a gander now at the inserts shall we? They all have a throwback feel to them and parallels of Gold /99, Blue /10, and Black 1/1.

Classic Clashes takes star players who battled each other on the gridiron many times.

Composers. The QB's of the NFL that play beautiful music when they are on the field. Need to find me the Eli!

Full throttle. Top players in the game that give it their all.

High Praise. Top players in the game and their top stats.

Team Eras. Teammates that "hand the torch" to an equal player at the same position on the team they formally played on

Stickers. Just like the good old days. I want the Giants one.

 Instant Classics. Love this card as this game was an instant classic for sure.

And now we move onto the hits!

My first one was a relic of Von Miller.

And my autograph was a Significant Signatures blue /10 of Delanie Walker.

Overall parallels for these autographs are,
  • Gold /49 
  • Orange /25 
  • Blue /10 
  • Black 1/1.
Other hits not found in mine but could be in yours include,
  • Optichrome Premium Edition Significant Signatures
  • Award Winning Autographs
  • Classic Combos Signatures
  • Canton Collection Swatches
  • Classic Combos Materials
  • Saturday Swatches
  • Buyback Autographs
See the overall checklist for the product, HERE.
OVERALL:There wasn't anything with Classics I could complain about. I liked the base set, the inserts and especially the chrome cards. The box price is fairly decent with getting one autograph and one relic per box. I have seen only good breaks from the product so far as well which is very promising.

I do wished we didn't have so many early on college based rookies as I think this set could have been even better if we saw the new class in their NFL uni's.

To win this card above with some bonus cards, please read and follow the instructions
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  7. Contest winner will have 72 hours after the winner announcement to claim or it goes back into the prize pot.
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  9. Contest starts today and will end on July 7th 2018. Winner will be announced shortly after.
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A big thanks goes out to Panini America for the box to review. Without their support with these reviews giveaways wouldn't be possible. Check them out at Panini America website and follow them on all social media sites. Please let Tracy Hackler and Panini know your thanks so we can continue to host giveaways like this or bigger ones! 


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