Saturday, June 2, 2018


Another fun soccer release just recently hit the market again and it's been a stand-by for all MLS collectors over the years.

The product usually has a solid checklist and some nice looking hits. The inserts usually also take a nostalgic trip to Topps past and that's always an added fun bonus.

So what does the 2018 offering look like, well, let's see and also find ourselves a contest!

Each box of 2018 Topps MLS has 24 Packs of 8 Cards Per Pack. Even though the box says 24 packs per box of 8 packs per box. Minor printing error. There are also 2 Autograph Cards and 1 Memorabilia Card Per Box and boxes run $70ish. 3 hits for that price isn't too shabby in today's collecting.

The Base Card Set is 200 Cards with all the big MLS names. The design is simple but looks good with a diagonal down the side with a team logo. I wonder if this is what 2019 baseball flagship will look like?? I wouldn't mind if it was, how about you guys?

There are also two subsets in the product including 24 Under 24 that captures all of the upcoming soccer studs

And Team Cards that celebrate the teams in MLS.

I didn't see any rookies in this years product unless I missed them or they weren't marked with a rookie logo. I will look further into this.

As with most Topps products, there are also Sp base card variations. These fall 1:51 packs. Basically 1:2.5 boxes and there are 14 to find. I haven't yet found info on how to determine an Sp from a base. Usually it's based on code but I didn't discover any numbers in my search.

Now onto parallels.

Another standby with this product and most Topps products are parallels. My box only showed one color and that was blue. These fell 1:8 packs and are numbered to 99. Kinda like the more limited numbered cards.

    Other parallels to find in the base set include,
    • Orange /25
    • Red /10
    • Black 1/1.
    Time to take a look at the inserts. This is usually one of my favorite parts of this product due to the nostalgia.

    If you liked the 1988 baseball card design, well, Topps brought it back for Soccer with it's Throwback Topps Insert 1:6 packs. There are 17 cards in this set to collect and I think it looks better in soccer because of the photography choices you can have.

    All-Star Insert also brings us back and falls 1:4 Packs. There are 22 cards in the set and I dig it.

    Multi-Dimensional Insert falls 1:6 packs and reminds me of Topps Fire. There are 17 cards to collect.
    Now onto the hits.

    Jumbo Relics fall 1:34 Packs or one per box anyways. There are 35 of these cards to collect.

    Base Autographs fall 1:16 packs with 55 signers to collect.

    The Base Autographs also have parallels and my find was this Blue Parallel that fell 1:111 Packs. Blues are numbered to 50.

    Other parallels for these are, Orange /25, Red /10, and Black 1/1.

    • Base Image Variation
    • Autographed Jumbo Relics
    • Crests of Honor Relics
    • All-Stars Autographs
    • Multi-Dimensional Autographs
    • Multi-Dimensional Autographs 
    And to see the overall checklist for this product, you can find it here:


    I have given this product a review the last three years and have always enjoyed it. The base set is simple and this years I liked even more because it was a different design than baseball. I also like the fact the base card image variations are tougher to find at 1:51 so you won't land one or even two per box. It will take a couple boxes or more to get one.

    The retro appeal to the inserts brings a ton of nostalgia. I like that approach and it's one they have taken the last few years for inserts in the product. I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings for inserts.

    The hits were not great in this break, but there are some really nice ones to find in the overall product. The autograph jumbo relics can reveal some impressive swatches. Go ahead an search for yourself if you don't believe me on eBay or on the Topps website.


    To win this card above with some bonus cards, please read and follow the instructions
    1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT OR HAVE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. Sorry, I do appreciate all of my readers but shipping costs are a little haywire and my spending cash is way down to ship. I need to be reasonable where I ship.
    2. This card is numbered to 50, in order to win, please give me what the card is numbered to out of 50 along with your thoughts on the product IN COMMENTS. MUST DO BOTH STEPS TO COUNT.
    3. Person who is closest to the number WITHOUT going over will win the card(s). Also as long as they left their thoughts on the product.
    4. Be aware that this prize WILL BE SHIPPED PWE
    5. Sport Card Collectors blog, it's blogger Matt, and Topps ARE NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail once it's left my hands. I will ship it safely, it's up to USPS to deliver it that way.
    6. Time on shipping prizes varies as we all have busy lives and can only get to things when we can. But you will get your prize. 
    7. Contest winner will have 72 hours after the winner announcement to claim or it goes back into the prize pot.
    8. Make sure to thank Topps for their generosity!
    9. Contest starts today and will end on June 8th 2018. Winner will be announced shortly after.
    10. Once you enter this contest below, you agree to all terms above.
    Thanks goes out to Topps for providing this box for me to break, show the hits to you and to review. Some of the hits in today's break will be used for a variety of contests so you can reap the benefits of Topps providing me this box to break. Please give them a thank you for doing this so we can continue to do this. Also, check them out on all social media sites and on their website which you can find HERE for all of your MLB, MLS, Walking Dead, and more needs. 


    1. Thanks to Topps!

      I like it. Never have been a huge soccer fan, but I looooooove those 1988 inserts. I've often thought of starting a binder of insert sets, and that would definitely be one that I choose.

      My guess for SN is 27.

    2. Looks great. I like the 1988 inserts as well as the all start inserts. My guess for numbering is 11. Thanks!!

    3. I'm not a big soccer fan so I'm not entering the contest but hopefully there will be some FC Cincinnati cards in the 2019 edition.

    4. Thanks to Topps and SCC for the giveaway.

      SN guess is 16.

      I wish the $70 price point with 2 autos and 1 memorabilia carried over to baseball, seems like this is a much better value product. I like the design of the relic card.

    5. I really like the design with the team’s crest behind the players, Topps did a great job. The Multi-dimensional insert is really cool and there are three Sounders in the insert set so I am excited. For the serial number, I am going with 34/50.

    6. I’m loving those All Star cards! Great job, Topps! SN = 6.

    7. Can't stand the MLS. I'm a European League snob I suppose. That being said, I really don't like this soccer photography. I much prefer actions shots, shots where you can see the field/ball/defender.

    8. I like the all star cards remind me of the ones they had in Baseball 88 maybe? nice clean design and the subsets look good too not always a fan of all the designs on those but these are nice. as for the contest Thanks to SCC & Topps and my guess is 37 out of 50!

    9. Think the product offers good value for the money. Love the jumbo relics! My guess is serial number 1.

    10. Is soccer a sport? Just kidding. I do like those Multi-Dimensional cards. That is a great look. I'll pass on the contest but thanks for doing it and great post.

    11. 45 not a soccer fan but my nephew loves it!

    12. Thanks Topps. I'd never bust a box of this stuff... but I buy SJ Earthquakes singles off of COMC all the time. SN guess = 8 for Wondo!

    13. I bought 2 blasters and overall didn't know who 3/4s of the players were but it was fun to open regardless.. Thanks as always my friend

    14. I'll guess 19/50. I don't follow soccer much, but the '88 throwbacks are cool.

    15. 42 on the soccer card,decent looking set.

    16. I'm gonna guess 14.
      Wish the autos were on card, but love the All Star inserts look. Those 1988 ones are sweet!