Tuesday, June 26, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Topps Pro Debut

Some collectors turn to Bowman to get their prospecting fix, others of us turn to Elite Extra Edition and Topps Minor League products like today's Pro Debut.

I have always been a fan of Pro Debut. It's affordable, comes with cool hits and has a lot of the big names in it.

So let's check it out!

Every box of 2018 Topps Pro Debut comes with 24 packs of 8 cards each. Boxes have 4 hits, 2 auto and 2 memorabilia and boxes run $75 roughly. Not bad for the amount of hits and possibility of future stars.

The base card set uses the flagship design and is 200 cards deep. Names like Heliot Ramos, Acuna, Tebow and Vlad jr are on the checklist.

And even a Peanut Guy. Fun card by the way and there are others like it in the base set..

Also as a side note, I am interested in finding all forms of Greg Deichmann cards in this product if you wanna send em my way.

Just like flagship, these come with photo variations. But, done in a much better way. Only 15 cards are variations and they fall 1:100 packs. That's the way flagship should be done. I was fortunate enough to find one.

And like the flagship, these have parallels. But, unlike flagship, these are not as easy to pull. I only found one in my box. Green /99 of Jon Duplantier.

Other parallels I didn't pull include,Orange /25, Red /10, and Black 1/1. 

Inserts offerings are only three. I don't mind that at all.

MiLB Leaps and Bounds has 25 cards and falls 1:6 packs.

Ben's Blitz cards have 9 cards that fall 1:8 packs.

And Promo Night jerseys have 12 cards and fall 1:6 packs.

Now onto the hits!

Okay, I like autographs and all, but Fragments Of The Farm is my favorite hits out of Pro Debut. Unique swatches is what I aim for and that's what I found.

Championship Banner from New York Penn League.

And how cool is this 2-color Wall Sign Swatch? Awesome.

My first auto was Drew Ellis who is in the Diamondbacks organization

And a decent pull here with Heliot Ramos who is in the Giants organization. Looks like he could be a stud. This is a green auto /99.
Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours includes,
  • Splash of the Future Autographs
  • Distinguished Debut Manufactured Patch Relics
  • MiLB Leaps and Bounds Autographs
  • Promo Night Uniforms Relics
  • 2017 Make Your Pro Debut Winner  
OVERALL: For the price of the box and the decent hits I got, I won't complain. There are also plenty of big name hits in here that making your money back won't be too tough if you hit one. There are only 65 autographs in the base auto set so you have a 1:65 chance of hitting a great player. Of course with any prospecting , you never know who could be the next future superstar!

I wished flagship would take some tips from it's baby brother in terms of overall product layout with multiple hits, smaller amount if sp's and tougher to find parallels and inserts  

Please take a minute out to thank Topps for providing the box to review. Some of the cards you see above will be included in the Fantasy Baseball contest! Follow Topps on all social media sites and check out their website HERE for cards and more!


  1. I agree with your assessment that Flagship should take a page out of Pro Debut's format. The Fragments of the Farm relics may be my favorite thing within today's card market. So unique!

  2. Like that wall sign swatch. Very cool.