Thursday, June 7, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Topps Tier One Baseball (BONUS HIT)

I have been drooling over Tier One since I saw the preview images. The bat knob cards especially. It's a hobby dream of mine to own one of those someday. I don't care who the player is.

Tier One is one of those high end, high risk, high return possibility products that I am always on the fence with.

This break was a pretty decent one. I have seen some incredible ones and some good ones and some that were flat out fails. It's all about the luck you can have. You take the gamble and you can win big time, but you also have to be aware that you may also fail. Just like with a lottery ticket.

So let's see how my break went.

In every box of 2018 Topps Tier One baseball there are three cards. Yes, three. Two will be autographs and one will be a relic. My box was a hot box with a bonus hit. Boxes run around $120-$150 so you are hoping each card you hit will be worth at least the $50 to break even.

Since there are no base or inserts, we will head straight to the hits.

Tier One relics are all numbered differently, but have an high end design feel to them. The relics come with parallels of Dual Relic /25 and Triple Relic 1/1 and come in veteran/rookie levels along with

Legends ones. I didn't do to shabby with this sweet orange/red swatch from the great Nolan Ryan. I will say this relic looks so much better on the design then the plain white.

There are many autograph options in Tier One, but most commonly you will find the Breakout Autographs. Which is very rookie heavy with 91 in the set. They are numbered /299 or less and have parallels of Bronze Ink /25, Silver Ink /10, and Gold Ink 1/1.
Some of the rookie autograph have 2 versions like this Nicky Delmonico which I pulled the B version I believe and same goes for this...

Ozzie Albies!!!
Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours includes,
  • Tier One Autographs
  • Tier One Talent Autographs
  • Clear One Autographs
  • Prime Performers Autographs
  • Dual Autographs
  • Triple Autographs
  • Cut Signatures
  • Autographed Tier One Relics
  • Dual Autograph Tier One Relic Book
  • Tier One Autographed Bat Knobs
  • Tier One Autographed Limited Lumber
  • Autographed Prodigious Patches
  • Signature Tools Autograph Relics
  • Cut Signature Relics
  • Tier One All-Star Patches
  • Tier One Bat Knobs
  • Tier One Limited Lumber
  • Prodigious Patches
And to see the overall checklist for this product, you can find it here:

Like I said in my opening, it's a high risk product that could potentially give you a high return. My box was an good break saved by the Ozzie but still not as great of a box as it could be.

But, with so many big hit options to find, if you are one who likes gambling and like big time hit chances, this is the product to give it a go in.

If you are like me who can't really afford a product like this, find a breaker. It will feel like less of a gamble that way if you go hitless or don't hit it big. 
As in terms of design, the product looks nice from top to bottom. The patches are sharp and the other relics look good in the design.

I do suggest giving the product a try no matter how you want to. The big hits are waiting for you!
Thanks goes out to Topps for providing this box for me to break, show the hits to you and to review. Some of the hits in today's break will be used for a variety of contests so you can reap the benefits of Topps providing me this box to break. Please give them a thank you for doing this so we can continue to do this. Also, check them out on all social media sites and on their website which you can find HERE for all of your MLB, MLS, Walking Dead, and more needs.


  1. Nice Ozzie auto! The Ryan relic is pretty sharp too.

  2. What's with his auto? Its like Kamara's?? Dry Pen .. Autopen lol

    1. I saw that. Very light but others look like this as well

  3. Thanks for showing the box since it's way out of my price range. Great Ryan!

  4. I could never open a box of this myself. The Ozzie Albies auto you got should bring back a decent return, but the rest isn't going to. Furthermore the signers just aren't my cup of tea. I would pick up the Tim Wakefield auto and a few of the relics and move on.

    Love that orange Ryan swatch tho.