Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dribbling Back At Some Memories

It's time to go back into that big box of goodies that came from P-Town of Waiting Til Next Year blog.

Today we take a glance at some NBA cards that come from an era I loved the game. I never missed a game on TV. Well, the only option I had was NBC as our antenna didn't pick up the big channels and my parents couldn't afford cable. So I would go out in the middle of winter while my father sat inside watching the TV to make sure I hand turned the frozen metal in ground antenna til the channel was clear or close to it. I didn't mind being the one going out to do that as I didn't want to miss my basketball games.

Now I have satellite and skip by any games that are on. This era of the NBA seems greedy, the players bounce around from team to team, same teams win, and the game has just changed. Terrible.

The group of NBA cards had a good amount of cards from 1992-1993 Topps. I didn't post them all and only did the important ones.

It felt like every rookie card was in there except the biggie, Shaq. But these will still go well in my NBA rookie binder

Here were some of the bigger names I recognized from the group.

There was even some gold parallels of a couple of rookies along with some vets in the 92-93 Topps mix,

And this guy who we all know.

Speaking of rookies, here are a couple more I found in the box.

There was even this guy in the box as well. Love me some Wilt.

And then I stumbled across a winning coach with some amazing hair...

And finally dug these out to post on my 90's Twitter page. There were a few reminders in P-Towns box of why we need Upper Deck to be more apart of our hobby again.

These Collector Choice cards I grew up collecting. It was an affordable fun product. The base cards always caught my eye as a youngin' because of the photography for some of my favorite players.


Some good NBA adds here for my PC or simply just discussing material that has attached memories. Sometimes the memories are what mean most to me.

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  1. Lol. I had a 9-pocket page of those Ellison Hoops rookies back in the day.