Monday, July 9, 2018

Forgotten Until I Remembered

Mail days can come in many forms.

Some are known. Some are surprises. Some are a little of both.

My mail day from avid Sport Card Collectors reader Chris back in May was just that.

Late last fall, Chris had emailed me to let me know he was going to see what Rodney Hampton's he had to pass onto me for my Super Collection. Well, over time I got busy with life and had forgotten he mentioned a package would be heading my way at some point.

So one day on my way to the dentist, I decided to swing by they mail box to see what mail had arrived before I had to get a filling. Yeah, I needed a distraction. I really don't like Novocaine. Especially when it has to be used on a back gum and you feel like you can't breath or swallow from the numbness. Sometimes it sends me into a mini anxiety attack.

Anyways, a box arrived and I didn't recognize the return name so it was a mystery to me-as I didn't have time to open it til after my appointment-so I sat there trying to unravel the mystery while my tooth was being drilled.

Inside was filled with  much more than Rodney Hampton. It was a good stack of NYG. All blue!

Let's take a look at what was sent.

2 BCW Magnetic holders. 35 pt. I actually really needed these. Chris must have read my mind.

Tiki! These Pacific Heads Up base cards looked sweet with the foil and die cut.

Zenith and Rodney Hampton. There was no more of an high end feel base card set in the 90's than the Zenith release. I was really surprised it only lasted 2 years. I do have this Hampton base, but I want the 1997 set so I will use it for that and keep my other copy in my Hampton binder. If you own and have  a base set of either or both of 1996 and 1997 Zenith football for trade, let me know.

Rodney is looking at you......Dufex really brings out this card. I am glad my camera captured the magic of the parallel. This is also done of my favorite Pinnacle design of all time. Well, besides 1997.

I will admit I giggled at this sticky after I peeled it off

Wonder if I should add an appearances by Rodney to my PC?  I know some people collect that way.

Speaking of Rodney, the onslaught continues with more Hampton love.

I hadn't ever seen these before. they are 1992 All World Sports cards. I really dig the design and the photos they chose.

Two rookies that included one of the greatest Giants in Michael Strahan.

Upper Deck always puts out a great base card with it's photography, these 1994 confirm that.

And you can't mention great base card photography without bringing up Stadium Club.

Select was another one that always had some great action shots on the field. Just look at these images from 1994.

I miss when companies made a larger football base set and included stud offensive lineman, kickers and punters. I even liked seeing coaches. Love the Jumbo Elliot add here and the angle of Phil Simms for this photo.

One of the best UD ideas was making a Sp product that eventually let to Sp Authentic. One of the greatest rookie card products alive other than Contenders.

1995 Pinnacle will always be my favorite design with 1997 close behind, but 1994 would be third. Really cool look and open action photography. I wished Panini had this kind of set.

No surprise here to see Corey Miller stripping the ball away from Jeff George who to me was another one of those draft bust picks. But for some reason or another more and more teams gave the guy a chance.

Another Hampton here, but my main focus of this group is the Mark Ingram. Trick play or one hand catch....hmmm...

Dave Megget was a solid player on the field, it's just too bad it didn't translate that way off the field later on. I hadn't heard of the Stars and Stripes product til I had to locate the Hamptons for it. Solid looking stuff.

Speaking of cool looking stuff, there is just something eye appealing about these 91 Fleer All-Pro cards.

Pacific never disappointed. One of the most impressive companies of the 90's. We were lucky to have such variety.

Want a card that gives you all the action on the field and you can feel it? Yeah, that's Action Packed.

Wild Card has so many parallels. They drive me nuts trying to tell the difference between them all. My biggest early 90's needs are these for Hampton.

But not this one. This one I actually have but it will go in my extras Hampton pile I have started. I haven't decided what I am doing with them yet, but it will be a fun.
It's never fun to forget things at 35 years young, but for this mail day it was. You don't get many surprises in life so once in awhile it's nice to see one.
Thanks goes out to Chris for all of the Giants and for being a long time reader. I will always treasure them and the memory attached.

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  1. Said it before. I'll say it again. Action Packed cards rule. Also like that 1991 Fleer All-Pro insert of LT. I remember trying to build that set back in the day. Not sure if I ever completed it or not.