Monday, July 2, 2018

June's Fantasy Baseball Contest Winners!

We are into July today. A scorching , really hot, 90+ degree day in July. At least where I am. We don't normally see this kind of weather so for me, it's awful. I prefer 75ish.

Anyways, things are heating up in our Fantasy Baseball as well as things are close and we have some new winners every month it seems. Should be an interesting last few months to see who will take home the big prizes.

Here are the two people with the highest winning percentage in June
League 1

League 2
Terrance Mann

Terrance had the higher winning percentage and will get to choose his prize first.

Here were the prizes again,
A box of 35pt Magnetic and a soccer auto from Topps Chrome. Terrance and Miami13Inc, I have contacted you both for your information already as last month we had a prize unclaimed. Who doesn't claim a prize?!?!?!  You would be surprised. I am up to 4 prizes this year already gone unclaimed. You guys will have 72 hours from today to get back to me about the prize.

I strongly suggest those of you who enter my contests to follow by email or follow the blog so you can get these updates. I won't always chase down the winners as I don't always have that kind of time. If they are announced on here, that's usually it.

Thanks agian for all that enter and July's prize will be announced very soon!

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