Thursday, July 5, 2018

Museum Musings:The One Thing The Postal System Did Right

Over the years, I have accumulated so much junk. A good portion of it including most of my Starting Lineups and any figures were traded off. I also had a bunch of autographed items I was just looking to downsize with and traded half of those off as well. I still have some to go in that area.

Most of the items I acquired over the years were from purchases in online catalogs, local outlets, department stores, gifts from family, and from a few contests I won. I originally really wanted these items, but as time has gone on and I have gotten older and what feels as my house getting smaller, I decided it was time just to collect cards now. No more adding those markdown McFarlane figures just for the fun of it.

A post office a few towns away, the biggest one in my area, used to carry fun photo frames. The frames came with a photo of a featured player and at the bottom an envelope that was team designed.  The envelope also had a stamp. It's a post office you know!

I think they look pretty cool and were given to me as gifts for a few years.

I have four overall with two from the Yankees and two from the Giants.

Derek Jeter:

A-Roid. I mean A-Rod.

Gmen! Team photo.

And one that's my favorite of the group. Sorry, but I can't let go of Super Bowl 42. It was just amazing.
These used to hang on the walls of my man cave before I ended up condensing the man cave some after it got moved. Now they are tucked away safely in a tote til another day when I find room to put them back out again.

How many of you have seen these or own any? Let me know!


  1. Crazy....25 years ago the Starting Line Ups were on fire...these days, not so much.

    I haven't seen any of those before, but they are pretty cool.

    1. I know. Some days I regret letting go of my Ken Griffey Jr ones. But I don't have the space. I would like to add the Rodney Hampton ones though to help prove my super collecting status

  2. I definitely saw these and may have even flipped some over the years. There is still a market for SLU but it is super specific and highly condition sensitive. I hope you can find the space and time to put your stash back on display!

  3. I've seen these before... but don't think I own any. But who knows. I've bought a lot of stuff at the flea market over the years and I have stuff stored everywhere. If I found one of Tony Gwynn for a few bucks, I'd probably buy it and frame it for my office.