Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thanks Coach!

It has been roughly five years since I attempted to send out any NFL TTM requests. I haven't had a lot of luck when it comes to the NFL or any sport. But, the NFL especially.

I must have sent out 25 requests with at least 8 of those going to the NY Giants and I never heard a single word back. Not even a return of my card or a quick just denial. Nothing. It wasn't like I was sending to the big super stars, I was sending it to rookies, second year guys and some under rated guys just to see if I could get a NY Giants or rookie auto return. But, no. No returns. I had pretty much given up on the idea of even trying the NFL again and sticking directly to non sport TTM requests as those have been my most successful.

Until I had a thought. What about a coach request? I had never tried that before.

What better time to snag an autograph then now! Giants hired a new head coach and the offseason has just begun.

Pat Shurmur comes to the Giants with a 10-23 record as a head coach. Not great, but his record looks bad because of his time spent being head coach of the Browns. At least he was able to win some games there with four one year and five the next.

Shurmur is mostly known for his offensive genius and hopefully it shines through for this team. The offense looked so bad the last three years that they really need someone to fix it. Especially with the talent they have on the roster right now. It's possibly the most talent I have ever seen on a Giants offensive team.

So I asked my buddy Autograph Blog if he had an address for the coach and as I expected, he did. So I sent out the request along with one for Saquon Barkley-that ate up four stamps but was hoping the gamble would pay off-and two months later, a manila envelope from team headquarters arrived.

I expected to open it up to see the usual fan pack that I have gotten before with player requests, but to my surprise this beauty inscribed to me arrived,

How cool is that?!

Thanks Coach Shurmur for the return and best of luck to you this season! This is my first coach return for a TTM overall and my second coaching autograph overall. I have a signed piece of Tom Coughlin from Steiner Sports I posted on here awhile back. Too bad I hadn't thought of sending out a coach request for McAdoo even though what he brought to the team was utterly painful.

I know my request to Barkley is a long stretch but hoping I can beat the odds even though I doubt it. At least I was able to get one of the coach. One I hope that will be a Super Bowl winning one soon.

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  1. Very cool. His uncle Fritz was an amazing defensive coordinator for my beloved Green Bay Packers. Go Pack go!