Friday, July 6, 2018

To Infinity And BEYOND!

I have always been a huge fan of Tim Allen's whether it was Home Improvement, Last Man Standing or a few of his movies including Wild Hogs, so adding his TTM autograph was a need for my collection since I haven't ever seen him sign for a card company.

So a couple of years ago, I sent these terrible copies I made for him to sign. You can barely see the autographs on them and I was extremely disappointed in the way they turned out.

So when Autograph Blog re-posted an address to send to Tim, I jumped on it again. I did my usually index card mailing and within a few weeks I got something back. The problem, it was a facsimile signed photo. Never even got the index card back.

So that added some salt to my wound, but I didn't give up and sent him a request again. This time I sent a couple of better looking photos including the cover off from my Toy Story 2 DVD. Being the great guy he is, Tim took the time and signed both and sent them back.

These look much better than the last time I sent him stuff to sign.

I hope to get these framed and hang them in the man cave. I do however find it odd that his signature on his facsimile photo is so far off from his hand signed versions. But, one would take a guess that he gets tons of mail and signs a shorter version just to get something signed for the fans. Which is great and appreciated.

How many times have you attempted to get the "just right" signature from a TTM signer?

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