Monday, July 2, 2018

Unintentional Intentional PC's

Have you ever unintentionally collected a player or two you really had no intention of collecting? Well, I have and it's that way for a few players.

Recently while putting cards away, I was looking at a few key players I stick in binders by player and realized that I had quite a few of their cards each. This is just my binder players and doesn't touch my box players that I know I have quite a few of some.

But, the point of this post is just to look at these specific players that I binder because of their HOF status or soon to be HOF status. These are the players I don't want their cards getting damaged in boxes I store other players in. Not that those cards ever get damaged or have damage, it's just a safety precaution.

Here are those players. These numbers do not include any possible low numbered inserts, rookies or hits of them I may or may not have. Those are stored elsewhere.

Lebron James. 56 cards. I have always liked LeBron, just not his decisions to move team to team just to win titles. As for the Lebron vs MJ debate, I am sorry James, there will never be another MJ.

Speaking of MJ, Michael Jordan, 154 cards. I have held his cards over the years despite my not-so-much-love of him from the 90's. He just beat my Knicks way too many times. 

Kobe Bryant, 128 cards. Kobe being a late 90's guy just fell into my PC. I just wished I had held onto more of his 90's cards and rookies instead of losing them all when I left home to my father. I still have  couple of rookie cards but not much else besides newer Panini stuff in that PC.

Brett Favre, 185 cards. Okay, this one was at one point unintentional, but it's more intentional now. I have said how much I liked Favre on here before with my imitation of him with my friends and throwing "bullet passes" to them. Not to mention, Brett has held his value over the years and has tons of great looking late 90's inserts I wanna chase.

Peyton Manning, 274 cards. Peyton a late 90's guy was a quick add to collect. I also had some success in landing his base and inserts at one point so they stacked up fast. After 2004, I started to add some of his cards intentionally when Eli was drafted. Brothers in cards as well for me.

And finally, the biggest surprise of them all, Tom Brady, 214 cards. Yes, yes, despite all of my Tom Brady and Patriot hate on here , the guy is a champion. Gotta keep guys like that.

Well, there you have it for my binder guys that I unintentionally intentionally collect. I may do a box version of this next which those numbers may be mind blowing for some players.

Now I want to know which players you guys my unintentionally intentionally collect if you do so!


  1. Dennis Eckersley. I realised one day I had a surprising amount of this "random" pitcher's cards, and then was happy to learn about how good he was! Always somewhat kept an eye out for any of his cards since as an afterthought.

    1. I do the same with these guys above. Just for fun.

  2. Derek Jeter. Emmitt Smith. Larry Bird. Steve Yzerman. Barry Bonds. Will Clark. Mariano Rivera. Jorge Posada. Well... I guess any Yankees, Cowboys, Celtics, Red Wings, or SF Giants star I have started a collection for. I can't stand those teams, but I like collecting cards of some of their stars.

    1. I was gonna say, I know how much of a Yankee fan you are lol

  3. Never intended for any Braves cards in mass in my collection, but I have almost 200 Chipper Jones cards.

    1. That's impressive. AT least he is a Hall Of Famer!