Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Giant Surprise Makes Things Better

It has been a pretty rough year up to this point of me putting this post together, July 2nd (yes I am trying to stay ahead of the game and broke my promise of live blogging), my wife has lost three family members, I almost lost her to a blood clot in her lung they found in time, and my knee has given out on me multiple times leading me back to physical therapy. I wished I had fixed that ACL years ago. At the beginning of the year, I said my word for the year would be survival, well, so far it has been fitting.

UPDATE SINCE I TYPED THIS:As you read this, many of you know I will be in surgery right now to remove a kidney stone. This is my second kidney stone surgery in two years, my 5th overall stone and my second kidney stone surgery this year. The first one two weeks ago they couldn't get to the stone so they had to leave a painful stent in place so they can go back up to get it out today. As I said above in the original post, been a really tough year.

So any little or big surprises this year from the card world has been a nice distraction from the real world problems.

That's where this surprise mail day from @CrattyPatty25 was a really nice find on a week I wasn't expecting anything.

Let's see what he put in this overflowing envelope.

Eli! All four Eli Manning were new. I am always down on something Super Bowl related from the Giants as well. I have the base version of that Eli card but not the gold parallel. Nice addition.

Another Eli I didn't have. Haven't dug much into 2018 because of funds but I definitely want more.

Odell makes a visit as well. Refractor from Finest, Idolized card with another one of my favorite WR's-besides his time in NE-Randy Moss and a Certified RC insert.

A few other Giants inserts and parallels including the second greatest Giant QB in history. I put Eli ahead of Phil.

Evan Engram. I expect this guy to put up Gronk type numbers. I compare him to Jordan Reed of Washington.

Davis Webb has a great offseason. He could be in line to take over for Eli but we will see how the preseason goes.

It's so shiny! Y.A. and big stuffer in Harrison

A couple more Eli's from Unparalleld and a guy I don't speak much about on here. Eli Apple had such bad season last year I try to ignore him. But, supposedly in camp this year he has shown improvement in all areas including off the field.

Well, this Flea Flicker will now eliminate Perkins and replace him with Barkley.

Speaking of Barkley, finally got this card.

I even found a few hits in my surprise package. Perkins Black Gold covers two PC's. I love the Black Gold product.

Odighizuwa was a wasted talent with his off the field issues. Not sure if a team picked him up or not after the Giants cut him. Lot's of potential, but, that's what happens when you can't stay out of trouble.

and the most mind blowing hit of them all, a 5/5 Kyle Lauletta parallel from Classics. Yes, 5/5!!
This wasn't even all of the cards I must note. There was also a huge stack of base included as well that I much appreciated.
A huge thanks goes out to @CrattyPatty25 for sending me this really nice surprise as it helped take my mind away. Hopefully I can return the favor to you sometime.
Would really appreciate some prayers that rest of my year goes better. Thank you!


  1. You weren't kidding when you said that the two of you have had a bad 2018. But, you're both still here, so that's something! I have an aunt who almost died from a blood clot in her leg, so I know how serious such things can be. The good news is, there's only four months left in the year, so...

    1. I can't wait lol. But, four months is still a lot of time...

  2. Just look at them thighs on Barkley!

  3. Here's to a better end to your year. Definitely some nice cards. Barkley looks like a beast! I know Giants fans are hoping that is true.