Thursday, August 2, 2018

Area 40 Goes 90's!

During Wes' retirement tour-formerly blogger of Jay Barker Fan blog and now runs a last big hurrah blog in Area 40-he has been unloading packages onto bloggers for goodbye gifts.

Here we go again. After a one day hiatus, we are back into the box that the great Wes sent me. I will be taking breaks in-between new posts from this box as I am so, so, so backed up on mail day thank yous.

This has gotta be in my Top 5 favorite Upper Deck football cards of the late 90's. How awesome is this photo??!

A Favre rookie year card I didn't have. Nice! Wished I had the signed version.

Shaq. The only big time star I can remember that moved around to more teams than Lebron

Another Set From My Childhood I am chasing. I don't have many so far, but I am trying.

I surprisingly didn't have this Landeta card. I just love the photograph, it cracks me up.

This guy just has a fun last name and he will go into my shiny binder.

MJ. I never get mad to add some more MJ. The greatest player ever to play the game. I hated him in the 90's, but love him now and appreciated the fact I got to watch him play compared to today's terrible NBA.

A couple of Tebow rookies. I only had one rookie of the guy til this mail day. A Champ Bailey for my 90's PC and a Barry Sanders rookie. I wanted another but also hoping for the iconic '89 Score one.

Vlad pretty.

90's insert at it's best. Acetate and all. I haven't seen one of these yet and it's of one of my favorite players, so overall a nice add.

We don't get great looking products like this anymore. Thick cardstock and rainbow foil. Looks better in person.

Star QB right here. A three star one. Yes, big time Akili Smith sarcasm. I chased this guy in the 90's and believe I have his Sage Auto as well.

My favorite player for baseball in the 90's. No roids, just plain hittah!

Everyone loved Heath, then he hit the field. I know I praise every brand from the 90's, but Collectors Edge had some really cool stuff out.

I just all around love this card. This is what makes Archives great.

My first Craig Griffey on one side...

And here comes Ken. New card for my PC.

And to finish out another mail day, Christian Okoye doesn't look impressed with a floating football going through the goal posts while he is standing in a cornfield. But, I am. Gotta give some props 90's cheesiness.

Another section of my Wes' mail day down. Still much more to come including a grand finale. Stay tuned!


  1. I've been wanting a Star Pics Favre autograph for years. Had a couple of opportunities to buy one... but both times I backed out because I wasn't 100% sure they were legit.

    1. That's the tough part. I have a buddy who has a graded one but won't let it go. He's a Packer fan. Someday I hope to land a Favre card auto of any sort