Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Area 40 Has Some Superstars!

During Wes' retirement tour-formerly blogger of Jay Barker Fan blog and now runs a last big hurrah blog in Area 40-he has been unloading packages onto bloggers for goodbye gifts.
I can't tell you what this card is, but I love it. I don't care if a corner is missing. It's vintage it's apart of it's heritage. There are a couple more of these to showcase soon. Anyone help me identify these? I really don't know my vintage very well.

Brock Huard die cut from Press Pass. This is just one of the few Huards you will see in this post.

Kirk Cousins rookie card. Is this the guy to lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl? I hope not. Giants play in the NFC.

90's insert love. That Young is quite trippy.

Rick Mirer. I always forget he was on the Packers. I am sure most forget he was.

Gold parallels of the great Randy Moss-who never looks right in the 49ers uniform-and Caaaaaam!

More Jimmy G rookie cards. His stuff has been hot, hot, hot! I am just glad to have some of his rookies now.

Here are the Huards I mentioned above. I remember finding him in packs of '99 product but surprisingly didn't have these. Nice additions. All are numbered.

My man Kurt Warner!

The one 90's Spx set I am not chasing. I liked Finite but this would be a tough challenge when all of the cards are numbered. Not to mention the point of my chase is the holograms and these don't have em.

There was lots of Buzz surrounding Warrick and he didn't quite live up to all of it.

One that did and got booed by Philly media if I remember right was Donovan. This guy was talented and could play with the best.

A group of big name players. Carr is coming into his own, Luck will hopefully play some games, Peterson, well is probably on the way out and Tebow has had success in another sport.

Eddie George will to me always be an Oiler and Titan. Guy was really good and is on my autograph need list. The one blemish with him, he decided to stay in the league a tad too long like other 90's stars and disappeared in Dallas.

Big time scorers

This OJ Simpson card is Swell. No really it is.

Ike Hilliard relic. Nice looking card and one that I missed the first time rummaging through the box.

And we finish up this part with a couple of doozies. Love me some refractor parallels from 1997 Bowman's Best.

This is still not the end of the box or close to it. We still have a few parts to go. More awesomeness awaits us on our journey!


  1. Your Gene Washington is from the 1971 Topps Game set. That Steve Young is trippy, and oh so wonderful. And the Troy Davis atomic refractor is pretty awesome too.

  2. Wow. Those are some great cards. I don’t think I can choose a favorite, but I might be leaning toward that Shrine Time George.

  3. I love those 1971 Topps Game cards! The checklist is stacked and they're super affordable. That Swell OJ is a great looking card as well. Nice action shot.

    1. Those look great. This was the first time I saw them in the 1971 Game Cards