Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back To The 90's With Area 40

During Wes' retirement tour-formerly blogger of Jay Barker Fan blog and now runs a last big hurrah blog in Area 40-he has been unloading packages onto bloggers for goodbye gifts.

We are closing in on the finale of my mail day from Wes with only one part left, the finale. Til then, let's take a look at today's offerings before the final post.

Akili Smith again. But, the key with this card is the cool die cut that Press Pass offered. That had many great ones.

Keyshawn Johnson rookies. Just give him the ball!

You are in Peyton's house now! There is no turning back.

In the 90's I got to watch two of the greatest WR's ever. When they faced off magic was in the air.

How great is this Steve McNair Gold Team card from his rookie year. Excellent Smithers!

Walter's son Jarrett Payton. My very first piece of cardboard of his.

Pam! There she is!

Caleb Sturgis auto. I believe this is my very first kicker autograph.

Eddie George. Dude could pure out run

Jason Garrett. Former Giants backup QB, now Cowboys coach.

Donovan McNabb. Great looking photography too and design by Stadium Club.

Mr.Too Cool Salaam.

This guy went from being a Superstar with the Jets to disappearing completely. Another guy who played past his prime.

This is a cool parallel I have never seen before. A Team2000 parallel that's numbered.

Here comes some great 90's signatures I didn't have. Dorsey Levens who ran for the Packers

Then Rodney Harrison who played safety for the Chargers and Patriots and was crucial to the Giants Super Bowl 42 win as he couldn't knock the ball out of Tyree's one-hand helmet catch.

Jamal Anderson.The Dirty Bird shows up!

David Patten numbered to 299 card. I didn't own anything like this til now.

Amani Toomer /100 UD Exclusive parallel. Another card I hadn't seen. Totally dig the photography on this one.

The Hot Rookies product was very underrated. Had beautiful parallels and solid pulls for a good price. Too bad it didn't survive another round. I bought about 4 boxes of it then when I had more hobby funds. Wished I could break another.

Tiki has a love/hate relationship with fans. I am more on the love side and appreciate everything he brought to the Gmen especially the two Super Bowls after he left haha.

My first ever Marlins parallel from '93 Topps.

Mike Piazza. Him and Clemens in the bat incident is sadly the most I remember about Piazza.

Bowman's Best insert.

And mark this as a new one for the KGJR collection. Nice early 90's card.
Well there you have it for this part. Only one more section of this mail day exists and as Vanessa Williams put it, I saved the best for last.


  1. Lots of great stuff here. That Levens is sweet! I opened up a lot of Signature Rookies product back in the day. And I've always been a huge fan of the Select Certified Gold Team inserts.

    1. I surprisingly didn't open any Signature Rookies. this is my first taste of them.

  2. THE DIRTY BIRD!!!! That auto got my attention as he went to my high school

    1. did he really? That's pretty cool! He responded to me on Twitter yesterday about this card