Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gallery Of Greats

In the finale of my Grady M mail day, I wanted to do a quick gallery and example of some positives Panini has in their baseball products.

Last time we talked Panini baseball I was complaining about the 2018 Donruss product and it's overuse of name variations. Today I am praising them for their great job with 2018 Diamond Kings insert set Gallery Of Stars.

Yes, the logo's are still missing, but when it comes to capturing the magic that these cards brought in the 90's, Panini hit a home run. These look just like the original-once again minus the logos-but design and player wise spot on.

Just take a look for yourself.
Just picture these with logos....are you in a happy place? I know I am.
I think a lot of peoples issues with Panini is the lack of licensing and not lack of effort. If you can overcome that and the Donruss name variations, Panini puts out a solid line of baseball products and I think deserved a shot at sharing, yes sharing, the MLB license. But, it appears we won't be seeing that too soon sadly so will have to see more of this instead. I hate exclusive licensing. At least the players in Panini baseball products are MLBPA licensed.

How do you feel about Panini baseball products? You think they deserved a shot at sharing the MLB licensing?

**by the way, a big thank you goes out to Grady M for yet another solid insert/pc loving filled mail day. I appreciate everything you send my way. Hopefully I can get you a return soon buddy**


  1. I'd love to see Panini get their MLB license. Upper Deck too.

  2. Emphatic YES! They need to share that licence among all the companies. Let 'em all put out five products of different types instead of just Topps doing the same generic things over and over.