Friday, August 10, 2018

Getting CAUGHT Up With Area 40

During Wes' retirement tour-formerly blogger of Jay Barker Fan blog and now runs a last big hurrah blog in Area 40-he has been unloading packages onto bloggers for goodbye gifts.

We are back into the great Area known as Area 40. Where you never know what kind of cardboard you will unearth.

This edition showcases some great uncoverings.

Like this shiny Bowman parallel of Tre Mason. I always hated this Bowman only because of the logoless helmets. So ugly!

Two hot rookie cards at one point. I wished Amendola stayed with the Pats, now he is in a hobby wasteland. Steve Johnson was good player in his time with Buffalo.

Jake Delhomme. He led the Panthers to the Super Bowl and nearly won it. I didn't have his rookie card til now. It's a great addition to go alongside his autograph I have.

Gmen inserts!

Here are a couple more of these awesome cards.

I loved watching this guy play. Running and throwing like it was an art. Nothing I have ever seen before. I was really hoping he was going to lead the Jags to the Super Bowl.

Not sure what this is...but I loved Family Guy in the late 90's early 2000's

Nice looking Jason Kidd relic card.

I think I am one of the only few who would get excited about a Ryan Leaf numbered rookie card. Hey, I wished it was Peyton, but I will take this. I am actually on the search for an autograph of his someday.

Ryan Broyles. This is as far as his career went, right on cardboard that's it.

Jack Rabbit auto! This marks my second autograph of his. Wished I had one of him in a Giants uni. Not sure if that even exists.

Jonathan Goff just couldn't stay healthy enough to make an impact at LB. Giants are struggling for help there since the last Super Bowl run. Hopefully Alec Ogletree will help with that.

My man Odell! This guy looks really healthy. Can't wait to see him back on the field. I have high hopes this season for this team.

LT getting in on the action. Remember when parallels were simple?

Trippy Tek

My other boooooyyy. KGJR. There isn't much cardboard of him in White Sox uni so I will need to check and see if I have this  one or not.

Hologram awesomeness. These are soccer

And this one is Barry Sanders.

Neymar is one of the bigger names I know in Soccer. Cool acetate card of him here.

And we finish up this mail day with a Jackie Smith catch. I don't know what it was about this card over all of the vintage Wes tossed my way, but I just simply liked it.

This isn't the end quite yet. But, we are heading in that direction. What's left to come..well...I can only say pure awesome sauce.


  1. 90's holograms are awesome! Looks like I gotta do some homework and find out what those UD soccer holograms are from.

    1. Yeah. The soccer ones look great. It's like they are layered