Saturday, August 4, 2018

Nuttin' But The Hits:2018 Score Football Rack Pack

It's a tradition every year that I get myself some Score football to kick off the NFL Season. Last year I missed the boat thanks to finances and thought I would be heading that way again this year. Luckily for me, it didn't.

As everyone knows, I am on a big time Saquon Barkley chase for 2018 so I am trying to open as much 2018 football as I can. Let's see if I found any in this pack break.

Every hanger pack of 2018 Score football comes with 40 cards and run about $5 a pack at your local retail outlet.
The top pack of the pack is all base cards. Not a bad design this year for Score's base.

In the bottom of the pack are the rookies. Not too much to show off this time. Definitely no Saquon but did find #4 overall pick Ward.

Sandwiched between the base and rookies are inserts and parallels.

Red parallels and Scorecard. Packer heavy. I know exactly where to send these off to.

I really like the Color Rush and All Hands Team inserts.

Signal Callers. Not too shabby. Everyone is high on Malhommes

And the rest of the inserts. Scoreboard is a nicely done one.

Overall, in terms of rookies, not a great pack but that's because you don't get that many per pack and Score is deep with rookies. Inserts I did better with in terms of big names. Overall, not a bad purchase  in my opinion. Time to find some more!


  1. Drats, I was hoping you would pull a Luke Falk red parallel. I still cannot find the retail parallels anywhere.

    1. I have more retail Breaks posting of it. I got these a lon time ago and don’t remember if I got Falk or not. Will have to wait til they post I suppose lol, if I got one you need, it’s yours for sure