Wednesday, August 29, 2018

PK And Rodney

Peter over at Baseball Every Night Blog had busted some Stadium Club and only wanted to keep the base cards leaving the inserts up for grabs for readers.

 I timed my reading of his newest post perfectly as I was able to snag a couple of great cards.

First up, Rookie Of The Year candidate Shonei Ohtani. This becomes my best card of his now. He seems to be carrying the load this year for rookie card values despite his injury.

Second card was this Bryce Harper. I grabbed it because he could be a future Yankee and the card looked cool.

A big thanks goes out to Peter for the mail day.

My next mail day came in a trade from @Jake1725 who grabbed me this new Rodney Hampton from 1997 Pacific. This is a dual tandems insert I have needed.

One side is all Giants blue foil with the man Rodney,

The other side features Adrian and Jets green. We will just focus on the front side.

Overall, there are now 548 different Rodney Hampton cards in my PC out of 816 total. Starting to narrow these down but still have plenty of cheaper end ones to pick up. Hint, hint trading buddies.

Thanks again to Jake for the mail day and again to PK for passing along the Stadium Club cards.

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