Sunday, October 7, 2018

Big Blue Sunday's:The Future Is Bright (Also a Ghostbusters Autograph Set Update)

Another week, another Giants loss. They have now fallen to 1-3 on the young season and surprisingly only still one game out of the division.

The defense played it's best all season vs one of the leagues top QB's but the offense couldn't step up it's game to try and pull it out.

Now today, they take on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in a match-up I am worried about especially on defense, not that the offense doesn't have it's major concerns as well. The Giants defense has not done well when it comes to keeping running QB's contained and we all know what Cam loves to do. They did an okay job vs Watson, but in the second half the Texans figured some things out despite still losing that game. It will be interesting to see if the Giants defense that shut down Drew Brees, yes I will call it that after holding him under 300 yards, shows up in this one as well.

As for the offense, Eli Manning hasn't looked great so far four games in. He can't seem to connect with Odell on deep passes and at times looks like a lot of his throws are not accurate at all despite the offensive line starting to gel and giving him time. I think his lack of mobility doesn't help in an offensive scheme that requires some of that. Saquon has done his best to keep the chains moving, but everyone knows the ball is going to him when he is in the game and teams are following him. But, I still feel they should have ran the ball more vs the Saints and kept the clock on their side. They have got to figure it out this week or 1-4 could be on it's way and a season full of hopes and dreams soon fade away.

Even despite that, I still think the future is bright for my Giants. 

They have a young QB in Kyle Lauletta who I wonder would help this offense more than Eli if he was given the opportunity. He is pretty mobile as he showed in the preseason and looked really sharp at times. I recently added a new rookie card of him and a couple of Odell Beckhams thanks to @footballcrdonly.

They also still have for awhile a young Top 3 wide receiver in the league.

Odell has put up some decent numbers, but all of them have been out of the end zone. Who would have thought the leagues highest paid receiver is still touchdown-less?

They have a decent back up running back in Wayne Gallman that I got this autograph of from @TNJ_G3 along with another relic I will show off in a second. Gallman has played really well taking Barkleys spot and giving him a break, til last week when he coughed up a fumble that I think changed the momentum of the game and that led to the Giants loss.

They also learned from past draft mistakes like Andre Williams who never panned out under the Jerry Reese drafts. 2018 draft class has stepped up big. Even though I do PC those past draft mistakes like Williams and actually PC him heavily for some reason or another.

And an example of showing they learned from past draft mistakes, is the drafting of Saquon Barkley. The dude has impressed throughout even though some may argue a QB should have been picked. I don't. I still like this pick and he will be a stud for years to come. I was able to add this newest relic thanks to @tbozz1174.

Even though I know the future is bright, I am not ready to think about the future quite yet. I want to think about the present. I want to win now, not later til later comes of course. So Giants, I am pleading to you, wake up today and go get a W. Defense step up and stop Cam. Offense, score 20 points at least. Let's get this train back on track!

Thanks to all three guys who pulled off these trades with me. Hope we can do future deals!

And as my headline for this post promised, a Ghostbusters Autograph Set update. Thanks to my awesome wife, I was only one card away from the set. Key word, WAS.  Once again, a miracle happened and the final card was found. That's a story for another day.


  1. Normally, you wouldn't want a cop to show up at your house, but that's a good one.. congrats!

  2. Replies
    1. Not even sure if tough is a word for a loss like that. I was left speechless

  3. Congratulations on completing the Ghostbusters autograph set!