Sunday, October 14, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Cryptozoic DC Bombshells II (GIVEAWAY!!)

It's time to go retro again with the return of Cryptozoic's DC Comics Bombshells trading cards!

Let's check out the WORLD PREMIER break of this product as it doesn't release until 10-17-2018.

In every box of 2018 Cryptozoic DC Bombshells II, there are 24 packs of 5 cards each. There's even an exclusive Golden Goddess or Golden God DC Lil Bombshells figure in each hobby box along with a chance at a sketch card that falls 1:24 packs. There are no guarantees, but I would honestly expect one. Each box runs $85.

When you open up your box, you will see this.

Here was my guaranteed figures which is a Golden God of The Joker. Super cool very detailed figure. This alone was a great way to kick off the box. Other figures you can find are, Harley Quinn, Raven, Starfire, and Superman.

The base card set is 63 cards and you should be able to build a base set per box. The design features a red foil and artistic interpretations of the 1940s-inspired characters. The base set art was taken from the Sketch Cards of the previous release. I think they look amazing.

The base cards are crystal clear and high gloss.

Most of the base set features two of each

I thought I would also show off the back of the card which is sepia with art from the front and details on who drew the art.

There are parallels to find as well. Instead of the red, you will find Gold that falls 1:3 packs

or Rainbow Foilboard that falls 1:8 packs. I always love the rainbow foilboard. 

Here are some of the insert/chase cards you can find. I would expect a few parallels from each, same odds and parallels as the base, along with complete sets of each one. They feature the same red foil as the base as their base.

New Bombshells Covers falls 1:3 packs.

Gold Foil.

Batgirls falls 1:3 packs and features a really cool throwback feel to them. Nicely done.

Gold parallel

Lil Golden Goddesses / Gods Production Sketches fall 1:3 packs. They look pretty impressive and stand out in person.

Gold parallel.

Terrific Twosome falls 1:3 packs and has some great pairings along with some fun artist interpretations like this one of the Joker and Harley.

Rainbow Foil parallel

Membership Cards fall 1:28 packs and don't feature the high gloss as the rest of the cards. The look and feel is literally of a membership card. This one is numbered to 599. Not sure if they all are numbered or not. I couldn't find that information.



Now onto my hit. You can find printing plates and sketch cards.

Here was my 1/1 Sketch Card find. So bright and vibrant. These fall 1:24 packs.

And to my surprise a few packs later, a bonus hit! 1:247 packs and you will find a printing plate!
Not too bad at all!

Other hits I didn't find but you might include,
  • CZ STR PWR - Red falls 1:144 packs
  • CZ STR PWR - Silver falls 1:288 packs
  • CZ STR PWR - Gold that is /25
  • CZ STR PWR - Black that are 1/1
You can find the complete checklist for this product right here,

OVERALL: It's a nice looking product from top to bottom. I have seen some of the other sketch hits and they are quite impressive. The added figure adds extra value in every box along with complete sets of every thing in here. My box was a tad better with the bonus Printing Plate find.

Please take a minute out to thank Cryptozoic for this box to review and the giveaway attached with it. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter and check out their website HERE

How do you enter to win this sketch card...

  1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT OR HAVE AN ADDRESS IN THE U.S. TO ENTER. Sorry, I can't afford to ship everywhere.
  2. Leave a thought or two on the product. That's it!
  3. RANDOM Winner will be announced in comments. So come back to check to see if it was you.
  4. Winners will have 72 hours to claim their prize or it goes back into the prize pool.
  5. ENTRIES ARE DUE BY OCTOBER 19TH 2018 by 8 pm e.t.
  6. Sport Card Collectors, it's blog owner and Cryptozoic will not be held responsible for  lost, stolen or damaged packages. I will ship it safely, but once it leaves my hands it's completely up to the USPS system to take care of it.
  7. Please post somewhere whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, or a blog post a thank you for your prize and show it off. Make sure to tag Sport Card Collectors and Cryptozoic in all spots.
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  9. Let Cryptozoic know how thankful you are!


  1. Very cool product. If Blowout or DA has this product on their Black Friday sale list, I'll probably buy a box... maybe two.

    1. Thank you Cryptozoic for providing this box for review!

  2. Some good stuff here! Thanks, Cryptozoic.

  3. I’ve been wa5ching the Bombshells sets, they have done an amazing job. I am a big fan of Catwoman and have a couple of her cards from the first Bombshell release.

  4. Nice Zatanna printing plate! Cool the Crypozoic is hooking you up. (And whoever wins) Sad news about George Nadeau a few days ago. Having had my first DC comic read to me at 5 days old and never leaving the hobby, this would fit well in my collection. I'll have been a DC fan for 34 years this coming 23rd.

  5. I typically only collect sports cards but will be making an exception here. I love this '40s style look. Thank you Sport Card Collectors for the review and Cryptozoic for the box!!

  6. This set looks like a lot of fun. Sketch cards are something I don't have a lot of, but would like to add more to my collection

  7. Oh man, that is an awesome sketch, and that Raven plate! *kisses fingertips* I never got around to picking up a box of the first series, but I've been picking up some random inserts & parallels recently and they are pretty cool. I love that this series is based on sketch cards from the first though. That's a brilliant idea that I've never seen fully implemented in a relatively wide release like this before. Cryptozoic's DC sets are always a lot simpler than UD or Rittenhouse's Marvel sets, but they never fail to be every bit as fun and innovative.

    Congrats on getting to hold the world premiere on your blog and thanks to Cryptozoic for the box, and also for coming up with such a cool concept for volume two!

    Also RIP to George. He seemed like one of the truly cool, righteous dudes in this hobby and he will be greatly missed.

  8. WOW! Never heard of these cards...LOVE that Batgirl card... thanks to Cryptizoic for this awesome set of Bombshell cards!

  9. Nice box break! Never seen this product before but will definitely look into it. That printing plate was a great hit.

  10. Really fun looking product, Cryptozoic does a great job with releases like these. Thanks for the contest.

  11. Thank you for the review and Cryptozoic for the box! I'm confused with Nightwing and Robin showing up here; I was expecting all females in a box called "Bombshells". Still very nice looking cards.

  12. Thank you Cryptozoic for sharing this awesome product!I love the look and art in this set!

  13. There are variants of the figures in using bronze and hand painted. I think you pulled the bronze variant of the joker. the odds go those are about one per case I believe! That along with a membership card, sketch, and printing plate! You definately got an exceptional box! I'm very excited for the release!

  14. Thanks for the review! I hope to check out the Bombshell set one day, these looks awesome!

  15. That is so cool that Cryptozoic provided that box for you to review! If I see this product in my local shop I will definitely have to pick up a few packs. I love the DC Bombshells and these are very nice looking cards!

  16. This product looks great...especially the sketch cards! Thanks for the chance!

  17. I have several Bombshells figures, as well as many of the Pops. I'm not a huge fan of the Joker Bombshell. I think that this should be more about the ladies. Perhaps a second series was milking it?

  18. It's a cool product very nicely done. Kinda makes me want to start collecting it @JGfan24ever

  19. The random winner of this contest goes to Twitch! Please email me at with your address or contact me via Twitter.You will have 72 hours to claim! Thanks to all that entered. More contests to come!

  20. Thank you (and Cryptozoic!) for the contest. The sketch & stuff arrived safely today!