Sunday, December 2, 2018

19-3=The End

19-3. The NY Giants led the Philadelphia Eagles 19-3. Saquon Barkley was having the best game of his young career, the defense looked impressive and it appeared the Nostradamus Odell Beckham Jr could be right that the G-Men could run the table.

Then came the second half.

For some reason or another, little by little the Giants lead dwindled. The Coaches decision to leave the star RB on the bench was questionable since he was healthy and dominant and the referees were probably the worst I have seen all year missing an obvious hold call on Odell Beckham Jr who would have caught the game leading touchdown late. And all Beckham got was a smile from that guy. A smile.

In the end, Jake Elliot once again beat the Giants at the end of a Giants and Eagles game by a field goal. The season was officially over for real this time. Time to start focusing on 2019 at 3-8.

At least my recent mail day from @JustinB_WV would help cheer me up.

He had done a box break and had plenty of Giants up for trade from it.

Lorenzo Carter has played well this season and should see increased time towards the end of the year.

I think it's time to see what Kyle Lauletta has, but I guess from the feeling I get, we will see Eli Manning finish out the season and possibly be here next season too.

Speaking of Eli Manning, base and parallels.

Inserts and parallels.

This guy was supposed to be the next stud TE in the league but he hasn't even been on the field this season. The Tampa Bay game was his best and possibly only bright spot this year. Not sure what's up with that. When he catches the ball, yes if he does, he is one of the best in open space.

Not as good as this guys comeback season however. Glad to see Odell be Odell out there. He has even matured some this season.

And there was plenty of him in this package.

Of course most of my trades don't end without some form of Saquon Barkley add to my PC. Here is yet another Score rookie I have of him

And possibly my favorite base card yet! So purty! I think with these additions it puts me over forty cards now of him and I am still looking for more. Whether they are doubles, triples, etc. I do prefer new ones but I will take whatever.

And finally, he tossed in this LT at the end. Was super surprised and stoked. Great looking card too.
A big thanks goes out to @JustinB_WV for the nice Giants mail day and I am hoping we can trade again!

As for the Giants, a lot of fans want a high pick for this team. I want wins still. I don't want another 3 win season I want to finish it strong but it's going to take a lot to upset the Bears today.


  1. Sweet LT! You're pretty optimistic. I gave up on the Packers season two weeks ago. Like you though... I still want them to win, but I accepted the fact that they weren't making the playoffs when they lost to the Seahawks (my other team).

    1. Big win for my team yesterday and your Packers did what I thought they should do and fire the coach after that embarrassing loss yesterday.

  2. Really nice cards here, especially the last two. I was looking for a Barkley RC during Black Friday weekend, but the only one I saw sold quick. It's impressive that you have over 40 Saquon cards already.

    1. He doesn't last too long out there if it's low priced. I was fortunate to find a lot of traders willing to trade them to me. It hasn't been so easy recently.