Monday, December 3, 2018

2018 Secret Santa Revealed!

For the first time ever, I joined in on a Secret Santa gift exchange in the sport card world and it's one of the bigger ones out there in #supermomsecretsanta5 . The rules were simple. $25 valued gift, a list of five to ten items to choose from and an option of whether you want to ship out of U.S. or not. Both of those appealed to me, so I jumped in. Shipping is one of the biggest reasons I hadn't jumped in on one of these before. I would hate to spend $10 shipping out one package when I can almost mail out three for that. So why send out to one person when you can cover three? I know my logic is probably weird to some, but since I don't have a big budget I prefer to use it wisely.

I haven't mailed mine out yet as I had to wait for a few pieces to come in and now gotta get some other stuff together before I send mine, but I did get my Secret Santa gift already. I was going to hold out for Christmas to open it knowing I don't have any cards coming this year, but the package got the best of me so I opened it.

I immediately recognized the name on the package as it was from a fellow Yankees and Giants fan @MannisCards. That's the one thing that makes it tough for Secret Santa gifts if you end up with a name that collects the same stuff you do. Luckily the guy I ended up with I had some options that weren't in my collecting realm.

@MannisCards tackled every bit of my list in one form or another.

Ken Griffey Jr:

Aaron Judge: (all three are new and I totally dig the Sp rookie below)


Unique Patches:


Football Swatch:

(never have heard of this product before. Cool patches)

And NY Giants:

Overall I was pretty pleased with my findings.

Thanks goes out to @MannisCards for the Secret Santa gift! I hope when I mail out my persons cards this week they will enjoy theirs just as much. I look forward to joining in again next year for #supermomsecretsanta6.

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  1. Great stuff. I really enjoy participating in Secret Santa gift exchanges. Half the fun is going out and buying stuff for the person.