Monday, December 31, 2018

Becketts, Big And Rich And Cards!

@APetrelak and myself have been making trades for awhile now. Most of the time, well, all of the time it's always football/baseball/basketball/other stuff for hockey. Which is a trade that always works out for me as I have been trying to dwindle down my hockey collection.

This time our trade mainly was football related but I did have a few other items included as well.

Alec had five new Becketts available so I said ,hey, why not and put those in our deal. I haven't had a new issue of any of the individual sports for years. Like years. My father is always calling me for book values so having these on hand will be great for that.

A few odds and ends from Upper Deck products and a Ohtani SCC card.

A few baseball and football cards.

AJ Green Phoenix Adrenaline Rush insert parallel.

Jaleel Scott rookie card. I always will add rookie cards.

Especially of studs like this. Now I need to find myself a Jackson autograph and have been trying already.

Sidney Jones auto.

Big And Rich signed autograph. Like I have said many times before, not a country music fan at all but anytime I can add a new signed piece to the non sport PC I will do so.

and the last card, which is what started this trade up, is this James Washington/Mason Rudolph auto numbered to 50. I am hoping Mason will take over for Ben when he steps away.
Another solid mail day from Alec and it was all wrapped in Christmas paper so it was like the present I never got. Thanks goes out to Alec for another great trade and I look forward to our next! I will be setting aside some hockey for you so hope to see the same with any football.


  1. Nice stuff. Rudolph could be a great investment!

  2. Depending on what your looking for on Jackson Auto I may have something hit me up. He has been signing pre and post game but I'm thinking that will end by next season starts!

  3. I read Beckett Baseball every month.

  4. Love the Big & Rich autographs! My best friend loves country and plays it in her car all the time. I've grown to appreciate it over the years.

    As for Beckett... I just picked up my first issue in a long, long time.