Friday, December 7, 2018

I Love It When You Call Me Big Papi

Well, I showed off Cube 2 earlier this week from my box of goodies from Wes and said maybe next week for Cube 3.

After looking at what my options were for posts this week, well, I didn't have any. I had no incoming mail days. I have some trades in the works, but none are in stone. So until something comes in or I get inspiration to write another Origins post, I will be posting more of the cubes til then.

Today's cube had a nice ending to it but let's check out what was between the cardboard.

This was the card on top of the cube. Autographed so a good start.

Big Unit! I was always a fan of his and in the mid 90's when Randy had his long hair whipping around all sweaty he reminded me of my father when we would play baseball together. My father had let his hair go for awhile and his facial features and lanky body were just like Randy's. Of course my father's arm was nowhere near Unit's.

Another Scherzer rookie in these cubes.

A few other rookies including Carlos Beltran. We all know I dig my rookies.

A couple of David Ortiz cards.

There's another chicken find in here!

Liked the micro-etching on this Schmidt/Carlton. Very cool looking card.

Ichiro and a Moose. Fun photo.

A few more autographs including the card on the top of the cube.

Cosart All Star game material. I like the fun not your average jerseys.

And to end this cube, yes, your eyes are seeing what I see. A 1997 David Arias (Ortiz) rookie card! I have been wanting one of these for some time and that's coming from a Yankees fan. I sometimes wonder if I had one of these at one point as I bought ton of Ultra back in the day but probably got misplaced in a few moves. But, now I know for certain that I do!
That's it for Cube 3. Remember when I show these off, I am only showing off the key cards from each and not everything or this post could go on and on.

Another cube reveal coming up tomorrow!


  1. Throw your hands in the air, if you'se a true player...

    Sweet Papi rookie card! That Scherzer isn't too shabby either. Miss me some UD Masterpieces.

  2. Those are some great cards!

  3. I was impressed with that gift cube before I saw the Ortiz RC. Awesome card!